Marijuana or Alcohol? Which do you prefer?

Alcohol or Marijuana? I choose alcohol. We all know what alcohol does to your liver – but keep it in control and your liver regenerates. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me…

Marijuana, on the other hand, is not only bad for your lungs (which take years to clean) – it alters your ability to process emotions, make decisions and reduces motivation – EVEN when you’re not “high”.

“…marijuana use leads to a condition called amotivation. Also called amotivational syndrome, this psychological condition causes people to become less oriented towards their goals and purposes in life, as well as seem less focused in general.”

I’ll take alcohol. At least when I’m done with it my liver fixes things and I can process emotions, make decisions and remain motivated and on track with my goals – as much as I would normally be…

If you smoke marijuana regularly you’re probably about to say, “B.S.! I’m PLENTY motivated!”. Yeah. That’s nice. You’d probably be a billionaire if you didn’t have a habit of smoking weed.


To each his/her own… Happy, happy, joy, joy! :) :p :D

P.S. What do you prefer? Marijuana or alcohol?

Smartphones and their silly batteries

What is the DEAL?!

What is the deal with these things? Smartphones are getting bigger and lighter. Have you noticed? I like the larger screens and it’s “nice” that they’re becoming so light that I’m almost afraid to let them go – like helium filled balloons. But are a few ounces extra going to make or break a deal between devices?

What IF?! Hypofuckingthetically! The iPhone 6 had a battery that was 25% heavier than the battery in the iPhone 5 – and lasted 25% longer? What if?! What if…?

Would iPhone owners flock to the Samsung Galaxy S5, Motorola MotoX, LG Nexus 5 and HTC One M8?! Or vise verse?!

What the F’ing PIGEON NECK do you think? What would YOU do? What would JESUS do…?


I Need A Zero Mobile

So I’m turning in my leased 2012 Lexus LS460L at the end of July. I’ve been driving around in this floaty boat for two years. Before that, my last boat was a 2008 Lexus LS460L – ironically in the same exact color. So in essence, I’ve been driving the same car for four years. I can’t do the fullsize car thing again for awhile. I’m sick of it. Before this Lexus LS habit I had a 2007 BMW 335i. Now that I car I really liked – and never got tired of it (especially since it was modified and ran the 1/4 mile in the 12 second range). My wife hated it, however. Too fast. Too small. She wouldn’t be a passenger in it. Okay, fine…

I should mention that this zero mobile will be used strictly for:
1. Driving my wife and/or her parents around when she does want to drive her own vehicle.
2. Driving myself around when my Audi S4 is being repaired. And considering it’s extremely modified performance-wise, it’s not all that unusual to be in that position.

My wife loves big cars but doesn’t realize that it’s the turning in these big, floaty boats that makes her nauseas. To note, we avoid making turns as best as we can because she gets nauseas while doing so. (She says I take turns like a maniac but I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone because in my world I’m turning like an elderly man with loose internal organs. It’s a mystery of the unexplained). A small car rides too firmly. So a big car and a small car are both out of the question. That leaves us with a midsize car.

The Lexus LS has a 380 horsepower engine. I have no need for that. I cannot hit the gas too hard or my wife gets nauseas or afraid that I’m going to roll over, fall into a ditch, collide with the space shuttle, yada, yada, yada. So now I can save millions of dollars on gas while traveling to the local store, restaurant or occasional trip to Orlando since we no longer need a powerful engine.

I was considering an BMW 550i, Mercedes-Benz e550 and a few other “cool” and “powerful” midsize sedans – but why waste the money when I can never utilize the power unless I’m alone? Having a lot of power on hand and being unable to use it makes me feel like I belong in drug rehab. (Look! But don’t touch… Touch! But don’t taste… Taste! But don’t swallow…) And if I’m alone, I’m driving my “really fast” six speed manual (ie. fun) Audi S4. I’m not going to drive my “slow” fast car when I can drive my “fast” fast car. That makes no sense at all.

Creature comforts like cooled seats and stereo system? I really don’t need them. In fact, I’m thinking about removing the stereo system in my S4 as I prefer the sound of the exhaust. I never turn the stereo on in that car. Ever. And I can save about 30lbs – every pound counts when you live your life a quarter mile at a time. :p

I don’t need a loud stereo system in the new car because my wife only likes loud music when she’s driving in her own vehicle. I don’t need navigation because it works fine on my various smart phones. I really don’t need much. The car doesn’t need to be flashy – it’s a “second car”. My wife wants a BMW X5 or maybe a BMW X4 (new model this year). I’ll get her one of those and if we feel the need to drive around in style or whatever, we can always take her vehicle. I probably don’t need to mention that she won’t ride shotgun in my S4. :p

“MY” car — the car that “defines me” – will be my S4 until I replace it with something else. When I replace it, it’ll be with another fast, fun, cool car that I like to look at and am happy to be in. Perhaps a Corvette Z06. Maybe a Nissan GT-R. Maybe a Lamborghini Aventador. As long as I have my zero mobile to drive the wife in, all is well. So it would be nice if my piece of trash has a decent warranty and lasts awhile. I plan on driving it until the wheels fall off.

So help me pick out my zero mobile. I’m trying to spend as little as I can on a vehicle I really don’t want. If it were solely up to me I’d be looking at a Kia Rio class vehicle for around $13k. Why? Because all I really need is a rental car in my driveway.  I like the Kia Optima but my wife is too embarrassed to be seen in it. Same goes for the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Chevy Malibu and Hyundai Sonata. She likes the Volkswagen Passat, so that’s a strong possibility. I think she also likes the new Mazda 6 but I’m not sure I like it enough. What other choices do I have in the low $20k range? Maybe a Nissan Altima. Help me out here…

Humanity Is Ridiculous! I Am Angry!

First, at about 1:10 into the video, one officer hits him with his baton for no reason – and the other officer follows behind doing the same. At that point, Kelly started running (of course!).

Once they got him on the ground, he started panicking because they were hurting him. Next at about 2:20, it appears the same officer who made the first baton strike wound-up and kneed Kelly in the ribs twice – at which point Kelly started complaining that he could not breathe (he died as a result of “mechanical compression of thorax” – which I believe could have occured as a result of these two blows). Now he’s really panicking because he can’t breathe. There’s a difference between resisting arrest and fighting for your life.

Next they start tasing him like crazy and shortly after, at about 4:50, start “smashing his face to hell” (as he claimed at about 10:30) with his stun gun.

Even after the guy can bearly muster up enough energy to SPEAK at about 7:40 into the ordeal, they’re still playing games as one officer says, “He’s falling to sleep” (7:46) and not even HALF a second later another officer says, “He’s still fighting” (7:47) – just a little “Hollywood” for the police recorder…

This was a criminal act. It was a horrific way for any living thing to die… At least three of the officers involved should be in prison. Continuously beating and bludgeoning a man to death while he’s crying for his DADDY… Humanity is F’ING RIDICULOUS.

A very important speech by Judge Napolitano that every American should be aware of.

Please take four minutes out of your day and listen to what this man has to say. Finally something that every American should be able to agree on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, a woman, a specific race, follow a specific religion or political party – it doesn’t matter. Watch this video and listen closely. Would you not consider this man as the next President of the United States of America?

What if Democrats and Republicans were two wings of the same bird of prey?

What if elections were actually useful tools of social control? What if they just provided the populace with meaningless participation in a process that validates an establishment that never meaningfully changes? What if that establishment doesn’t want and doesn’t have the consent of the governed? What if the two-party system were actually a mechanism used to limit so-called public opinion? What if there were more than two sides to every issue, but the two parties wanted to box you in to one of their corners?

What if there’s no such thing as public opinion, because every thinking person has opinions that are uniquely his own? What if public opinion were just a manufactured narrative that makes it easier to convince people that if their views are different, there’s something wrong with that – or something wrong with them?

What if the whole purpose of the Democratic and Republican parties was not to expand voters’ choices, but to limit them? What if the widely perceived differences between the two parties were just an illusion? What if the heart of government policy remains the same, no matter who’s in the White House? What if the heart of government policy remains the same, no matter what the people want?

What if those vaunted differences between Democrat and Republican were actually just minor disagreements? What if both parties just want power and are willing to have young people fight meaningless wars to enhance that power? What if both parties continue to fight the war on drugs just to give bureaucrats and cops bigger budgets and more jobs?

What if government policies didn’t change when government’s leaders did? What if no matter who won an election, government stayed the same? What if government were really a revolving door of political hacks, bent on exploiting the people while they’re in charge?

What if both parties supported welfare, war, debt, bailouts and big government? What if the rhetoric candidates displayed on the campaign trail was dumped after electoral victory? What if Barack Obama campaigned as an antiwar, pro-civil liberties candidate, then waged senseless wars while assaulting your rights that the Constitution is supposed to protect? What if George W. Bush campaigned on a platform of nonintervention and small government, then waged a foreign policy of muscular military intervention and a domestic policy of vast government borrowing and growth?

What if Bill Clinton declared the era of big government to be over, but actually just convinced Republicans like Newt Gingrich that they can get what they want out of big government, too? What if the Republicans went along with it?

What if Ronald Reagan spent six years running for president promising to shrink government, but then the government grew while he was in office? What if, notwithstanding Reagan’s ideas and cheerfulness and libertarian rhetoric, there really was no Reagan Revolution?

What if all this is happening again? What if Rick Santorum is being embraced by voters who want small government even though he voted for the Patriot Act, for an expansion of Medicare and for raising the debt ceiling by trillions of dollars? What if Mitt Romney is being embraced by voters who want anyone but Obama, but don’t realize that Romney might as well be Obama on everything from warfare to welfare?

What if Ron Paul is being ignored by the media not because they claim he’s unappealing or unelectable, but because he doesn’t fit into the pre-manufactured public-opinion mold used by the establishment to pigeonhole the electorate and create the so-called narrative that drives media coverage of elections?

What if the biggest difference between most candidates was not substance but style? What if those stylistic differences were packaged as substantive ones to reinforce the illusion of a difference between Democrats and Republicans? What if Romney wins and ends up continuing most of the same policies Obama promoted? What if Obama’s policies, too, are merely extensions of Bush’s?

What if a government that manipulated us could be fired? What if a government that lacked the true and knowing consent of the governed could be dismissed? What if it were possible to have a game-changer? What if we need a Ron Paul to preserve and protect our freedoms from assault by the government?

What if we could make elections matter again? What if we could do something about this?”

by Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey

Legal Weed

Perfect post title! I bet this will be the most popular blog posting at Blog of Nothing in 2014 – finally something that can (and hopefully will) dethrown my sarcastic “Hot Naked Nine Year Old Girls” post from 2010 – which is by far the busiest page here thanks to people searching for hot naked nine year old girls at search engines.

Anyway… So some two year old girl ate weed (marijuana, pot, etcetera) in cookie form that she found near her home. The mother says it wasn’t hers! Of course it wasn’t. That’s for sure as heck as the immaculate conception. She found it outside. I guess her two year old daughter roams around the neighborhood alone. Fox News posted this up on their Facebook page and ALL the Americans missing a brain had to chime in with, “See?! We can’t make weed legal! We just can’t! Look what happens!”.


Ya know what?! I don’t smoke or ingest weed. I don’t care for it. Alcohol is my thing. So I really don’t care whether or not weed is legalized. But I see no reason for it to be illegal while alcohol and tobacco are just fine! But as usual – stupid Americans (I swear, I think we need six day school weeks) are jumping out of their skin to give away another freedom/liberty.

How many times has a child drank their parents alcohol? Should alcohol be banned? Americans are obsessed with giving their freedoms away. It’s a F’ing shame that so many have died to protect the freedoms we’re all so quick to give away for F’ing nothing.

I have a couple of gripes today – and one is going to piss you off…

Do you have one of those friends on Facebook that you LIKE to follow but you’re beginning to lose your mind with all their public posts convincing themselves that they’re cute, confident, wonderful, blah, blah, blah?

1. Some people have a legitimate reason to be doing this and that’s wonderful but you do it for a week, a month, a few months – but year after year?

2. It’s great that you’re trying to be positive because positive things happen to positive people but give us a F’ing break! 20 updates per day is like shaking salt onto your food for fifteen minutes.

I really don’t want to unfollow friends or acquaintances but enough is enough… Please, for the love of God, give us a break…

Now speaking of God – my other rant is really going to piss you off…

I’m not an Atheist. I do believe there’s a God because it just doesn’t make enough sense to me that everything just came together so perfectly – even after billions of years. In my opinion – there is a God – or Gods – or a creator. Something! In my own mind I have no doubt. But there are many religions in this world and who’s to say the one our parents or school taught us is “the” religion to believe in? We really have no idea.

I was brought up to be Catholic – and I think my religion and Catholic people are as nice as any other. However, I’ve always had a difficult time understanding how so many people, including “three wise men”, were basically convinced that because a woman named Mary swore up and down that she didn’t have sexual intercourse to get pregnant – her baby was the Son of God?

There’s something awry with at least ONE Sheriff in Royal Palm Beach…

So I was driving home this afternoon going maybe 41 on a road with a 40mph speed limit and passed a 50-something female police officer in a sheriff’s vehicle. My speed may have fluctuated a bit between 40 and 42 but no faster than that. The police car was behind somebody going between 30 and 35mph. As I slowly crept passed, I heard some odd police-like beeping sounds and figured the officer was beeping at the car in front of her. It turns out she made her way around that vehicle and drove on the side of me about 10 feet back and started saying something over her PA system. I don’t remember exactly what she said, but it had to do with me not being aware of the speed limit. At that point I was stopped at a light and rolled down my front passenger side window. She moved up a bit and said something like, “What’s the matter? You don’t know the speed limit?”. I sort of felt like I was in the Twilight Zone and asked, “40 miles per hour”? She replied with something like, “It’s 35 on this street” (I’m sure I was giving a very confused look) “You’re not paying attention” and rolled away.

The speed limit was increased from 35-40 a year or so ago. I wonder if she really believes the speed limit is still 35 or if she was just in the mood to harass me.

What is a luxury car in 2013?

What is the definition of a “luxury car” these days? It used to be things like leather seats, power locks and windows, heated/cooled seats, navigation, power… But nowadays, “regular” cars have all these things. So what makes a luxury car a “luxury car” in 2013?

In my opinion, it’s a combination of the highest quality of these things. If you compare the leather in a Lexus to the leather in a Toyota, there’s a noticeable difference. So leather quality is one thing.

Power is another thing that, in my opinion, a luxury car should have compared to a non-luxury or “near” luxury car. A true luxury car should have passing power that other cars don’t have. A Cadillac XTS should have no problem passing a Chevy Impala – while being heavier due to sound deadening material and extra features.

That brings me to another luxury feature I feel is important in true “luxury” cars. A luxury car should be quiet inside. I bought my wife a new Chrysler 300C in 2007. It was big and powerful and had some cool luxury features – but the leather was hard, road/tire and wind noise was ‘pretty bad’ and everything was “hard and cold” inside…

And that brings me to another feature I feel true “luxury cars” should have. Superior interior materials. In my opinion, a luxury car should have soft surfaces everywhere. Wherever you may lean your arm, elbow or anything else – it should be soft and comfortable. More so than what you might find in a Honda Accord or Chevy Malibu.

What’s your opinion? What do you feel makes a true “luxury car” in 2013?

Netflix vs Amazon

After owning over a year of both services, as a straight 40-something year old male, I can honestly say that…

Netflix is for girls…

Smart Phones

Having now had the opportunity to closely examine few different smart phones, I can honestly say that the iPhone is severely behind the times. The operating system is, by far, the most polished – but the screen is way too small and features/settings are quite lacking.

I’m not going on a long ramble with a comparison. If you want that, there are plenty of articles to read and videos to watch across the web. What I AM going to do is point out a few obvious things that some people may not know about.

The iPhone screen is pathetic. Sure, it’s clear and looks very nice – but there’s nothing to it. It’s too F’ing small. If you like TINY screens, than the iPhone is perfect for you as long as you don’t mind missing some cool features found in many Android phones. If you like medium sized or big screens, you’re shit out of luck – the iPhone is not for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a huge screen. It’s very impressive. Everything looks great on it. To me, this one feature makes it worth having over the iPhone. However, the operating system is crap. Very, very (very) unpolished. It’s F’ing quirky. Think Mac OS X vs Windows XP. Yes, it’s THAT bad. Think Lexus in 1990 vs Cadillac in 1990. Yup, that bad also. But the amount of adjustability is far superior to that of the iPhone. So I can deal with it. Build quality is also a bit on the cheap side. The camera is freaking amazing, though.

The LG Nexus 4 with Google’s native Android operating system feels much more solid in your hand. The operating system is also far less quirky. The screen isn’t quite as big as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the camera isn’t as good either. But it’s a solid feeling phone that works well. And it doesn’t have all the F’ING CRAP bloatware that Samsung throws on their shit. It gets in the way. It’s annoying. And useless.

Both these Android phones allow that new swipe-typing (whatever it’s called) and it works great. Far better than typing on a screen with no keys to feel. Apple needs to get something like this. They also need to get working on that larger iPhone and CANNOT make it just a little bigger than the current iPhone. A small iPad is too large for me. I want something that fits in my pocket that actually has a reasonable amount of screen real estate.

Hey, Fatso…

I wrote this to a loved one this evening and thought it would be good to share with other fat fucks like myself…

You FAT fuck! :) Yeah, when I asked you if you weighed 270 a couple of weeks ago, I forgot that you’re not a weightlifter like I am. When I was at my heaviest, about 270lbs, I looked exactly like you. I just had a ton of muscle under the fat and that made me much heavier. Anyway…

People use to tell me all the time, “Lose the weight…”. I thought nothing of it. “Yeah, whatever. I’m fat. Who gives a fuck?” That’s what I thought. However, all that bullshit we used to hear growing up about “You are what you eat” – it’s true. We are what we eat. I was right around your age (37) when I started having all kinds of gastrointestinal problems that if left untreated would require scopes going down my throat, up my ass, through my cock and who else knows what other cool invasive procedures doctors are paid good money to perform.

I think you know what I’m getting at. Spending hours upon hours of research about all these wonderful things led me to a lifestyle change. Long story short, LOSE THE WEIGHT. Make serious changes EEEEE-fucking-MEEEEEDIATELY. Trust me. You do NOT want to deal with what is INEVITABLY coming…

If you need advice, ask me… That’s what fat assholes are for…

Sal C.

Cheers – Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Cheers. It was one of my favorite shows way back in the 80s. Even today, my wife and I are watching the series on Netflix almost every night. But I have a major gripe. I feel there’s very little reason for the show to exist after season five. I know the die hard Cheers fans will like every season and every episode regardless – so I guess I’m not a die hard Cheers fan. But I did LOVE the series for the first five seasons.

Here’s why…

It seems to me that almost the entire story revolves around Sam “Mayday” Malone (Ted Danson) and either Diane Chambers (Shelley Long) or Rebecca Howe (Kirstie Alley). The other characters were great but their lives are kind of a side story to Sam, Diane and Rebecca. Now the first five seasons were really interesting in this aspect because Sam and Diane were complete opposites. You kept wondering, “Are they ever going to get together?” – and for good reason. One might expect Sam to own a bar after drinking himself out of baseball stardom – but Diane portrayed a woman of very high character and intellect – someone who may have a career in the corporate world.

Sam and Diane getting together would certainly be interesting… And when they eventually did – it WAS interesting – watching them go back and forth being together and separating almost constantly. After all, they weren’t really a very good match – though they say “opposites attract”.

After the end of season five – things changed drastically. Rebecca Howe, AKA “Backseat Becky”, came into the picture – and I still can’t figure out why she won’t hook up with Sam. I also can’t figure out what Sam likes about her. I guess it’s the whole, “I can’t have her so I want her” syndrome… But really? We’re almost done with season seven and I’ve really lost interest. What if Sam and Rebecca DO get together? Who cares?

I think that’s my biggest problem… Who cares if they get together? When Sam and Diane started dating it was like, “No, really?”. If Sam and Rebecca ever start dating it’ll be like, “Oh. That’s nice. Mayday Malone and ‘Backseat Becky‘ got together. What a surprise.”. The woman can’t get a F’n date to save her LIFE – but she won’t hook up with Sam…

It’s kind of nice that it’s been so many years since I’ve seen Cheers that I remember nothing at all. I watched way back in the day when shows like “Night Court” were still new. So I’ve really forgotten just about everything.

Another big disappointment of mine was when Ernie “Coach” Pantusso (Nicholas Colasanto) passed away (in real life). I loved his character and I felt it was a huge loss when he was gone. However, Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson) did a good job taking his place. Norm Peterson (George Wendt) and Cliff Clavin (John Ratzenberger) were essential characters that were always fun to watch. It’s a great thing they were around for the entire series. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) was also really great as well as Lilith Sternin (Bebe Neuwirth) when they both came into the picture.

All in all, what a well rounded show Cheers was. It really amazes me that there was never a reunion TV SHOW with all the remaining living characters.

What are your thoughts about my opinions? What did you think of the show?

Barack Obama Has Already Won The Presidential Election

Barack Obama is going to be President for another four years. “But he’s a socialist and he’s going to turn this nation inside out!”, you exclaim! That, my friend, is IRRELEVANT! “How can we let this happen?”, you ask. It’s quite simple, really. The powers that be, whomever they are (very wealthy people) have already arranged for a winner. Let me explain by pointing out the OBVIOUS loser.

What’s the easiest way to turn off three quarters of the nation with the blink of an eye? Alienate 75% of the population:

1. Have one of the men against abortion. Well that’s easy enough. What woman in her right mind is going to vote for a man who doesn’t want her to have control of her own body? Oh, but this is a “Christian Nation” and all the Christian women will vote for Romney because Christian women generally don’t believe in abortion. Right?

WRONG! My God are you people naive. You really think Christian women are okay with “the man” telling them what they can and cannot do with their own body? Yes, I understand it’s partially the man’s baby and he should have some say – but the woman is carrying it. Done deal.

“Obama (birds chirping)… Sigh… He understands women… And he’s so cute too!”

Remember: Obama and Romney disagree on MANY different topics. If the Romney camp really wanted to win, they’d simply agree with Obama’s views on abortion. Is there a RULE that Republicans and Democrats absolutely MUST disagree on EVERYTHING? Of course not. This is obvious Presidential nominee forfeiture number one…

2. Have the same man be against gay marriage. Look, guys. Women have been kissing one another and holding hands since they’re two years old. But this is a “Christian Nation” and Christian women are against gay marriage! Really…? Do you REALLY believe Christian women who’ve been kissing, hugging and holding their girlfriends hands since nearly day one are against two people loving one another if they’re the same sex. MY GOD are some people ridiculously stupid… If the Romney camp really wanted to win, they’d simply agree with Obama’s views on same sex marriage.

This is obvious Presidential nominee forfeiture number two…

“Obama (birds chirping)… Sigh… He understands love… And he’s so cute too!”

So there’s 50% of the nation voting against a man who is TRULY (and obviously purposely) “unelectable”. Let’s take another 25%, shall we?

3. Half the men in America are either gay, bisexual or have either had thoughts about being gay or experimented in one way or another. To note – just like gay men are so proud of being gay they’re about to explode – I am heterosexual and I am just as proud of it. That being said, half the men in America are voting against “the unelectable guy” because they, too, understand same sex marriage…

As far as 99% of the American population is concerned – the rest of the political landscape is IRRELEVANT. If Obama doesn’t win this election by a landslide, than the final results are rigged to make it a close race. It’s pure Hollywood entertainment. I swear, political election results are going to appear in the sports section of your favorite newspaper within thirty years.

Most of 42,000,000 African Americans in America are voting for Obama. There are 3,000,000 Muslims in America. They’re all voting for Barrack Hussein Obama REGARDLESS of anything mentioned above. Hell, if Father Guido Sarducci was running for President in America, every Italian would be voting for him. All he’d need to do is promise reduced prices on calzones and cannolis. Done deal.

So you have about 45,000,000 votes for Obama without even considering logical points 1, 2 and 3 – and THEN you have 75% of the nation pissed off at Mr. Unelectable. This has had to be the easiest rigged election in the history of the United States of America.

Who will our NEXT President be (after Barack Obama)? Hillary Clinton. Watch her transformation as she undergoes massive liposuction and plastic surgery over the next four years. She’s going to look like a super model and win the next election easily.

P.S. Consider this. Would there be much of ANY reason to vote for Barack Obama if Mitt Romney had the same stance on abortion and same sex marriage? And considering how much of a flip flopper Mitt Romney has been?………… WHY NOT JUST TAKE THE WIN? Hmmm…… Inquiring minds would like to know…

Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken sandwiches. It is time, my friends. It is time to blog about… Chicken sandwiches

I’ve had many amazing chicken sandwiches in my 41 years (not only am I repeating the words “chicken sandwiches” constantly to achieve the internet’s highest search engine ranking of the term, you guessed it, “chicken sandwiches” – I just love chicken sandwiches so much that I don’t know what I would do without – chicken sandwiches…

Unfortunately, I don’t eat chicken sandwiches as much as I’d like to eat chicken sandwiches (okay, I’ll stop now) – because I don’t want to become obese and die an early death – but I still love them.

I think the McDonalds crispy chicken sandwich was my first favorite. It was like a big Chicken McNugget on a bun. Freakin’ awesome! This chicken sandwich is still available at McDonalds today – but it’s no longer my favorite (or really anybody’s)…

Next, I was introduced to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “Chicken Littles”. Those little sandwiches were AWESOME! But they didn’t stick around very long. I guess I was one of only a few who thought they were really good.

That brings me to my next chicken sandwich obsession.

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