Calling All Car Nuts. Yes, all of you…

I’m a car nut. A genuine, certified (if certification were possible) car nut. A true automobile “enthusiast”. A lot of people say the same thing about themselves, but most of the time that’s not exactly accurate. Not that there’s anything WRONG with that – it’s just something “different”. Me? I love ALL cars. I can find something I like about ANY automobile on the road. Even a Yugo.

Most people like the make or model THEY own. I see it all the time. People calling themselves automobile enthusiasts – yet hating cars like the Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcat. If you’re a true automobile enthusiast – you cannot hate the Hellcat. Period. Same goes for “enthusiast cars” like the twin turbo Toyota Supra, Nissan 300ZX or Mazda RX7. If you can’t appreciate somebody modifying an Acura Integra Type R, twin turbo Audi S4, Camaro SS or Mustang GT – how can you be an automobile enthusiast?

Even so, I still find it AWESOME to see people so passionate about the make or model THEY own. The only thing different about me, as an enthusiast, is I like my car, your car, his car and her car. I like them all… I like the lowrider with the thirteen inch wheels. I like the car with the twenty-five inch spinners. I like cars from Japan, Germany, of course America, Australia, China, Russia, India. I like sports cars, luxury cars, full-size SUVs, wagons (or Avants) and everything in between.

I like automobiles (I’ll just call them “cars” from now on) so much that I’ve got a bunch of websites and forum communities dedicated to all kinds of makes and models. And now I’m finally finished (I use that word lightly) developing an “app” for car nuts like us.

You don’t need to be an “enthusiast” – all you need to do is like cars. Your own, somebody else’s, one you might own in the future, or one you simply WANT. My app is sort of a way for me to keep my finger on the pulse of everything “car” related. It keeps me “connected” with all of you. Because whether you’re a true enthusiast or not – you’re passionate about cars – and that’s very cool in my book…

Originally I came up with the app idea because I was home alone on a Thursday night while my wife was visiting family out of state. I looked for meets and shows online and came up empty. I really WISHED there was an app out there that would help me find other enthusiasts online and either meet up for an event or, perhaps, create one of my own and then invite all the car nuts around me.

Since there’s nothing out there like this – I had to create it. It’s been two years in the making and it’s finally ready for iPhone users. Have an Android device? Maybe you wouldn’t mind helping out by downloading our “pre release” version. If you don’t have an iOS or Android device you could always check things out at our very BETA website: (the “true design” isn’t quite ready yet).

You might have already guessed, it’s called Cars Connected. Cars Connected brings car lovers together in real life – in real time. Of course it’s free.

Once you download the app you can see what’s going on with other enthusiasts everywhere as they post status updates to the community – sort of like Twitter or Facebook. When you sign up you’ll see what’s going on in YOUR general vicinity – which is determined in your settings. If you leave everything as is it’ll show you what’s going on within a 300 mile radius.

You can create a profile for yourself and then sub profiles for your vehicle(s).

When things get going and I can actually start marketing the app to everyone – you’ll see a list of local clubs. Join a club and you’ll get to see what’s going on inside (pictures, videos, meets, status updates, etcetera). Or create and manage a club of your own. It’s easy.

The same goes for local events. You’ll see a list of events going on in the area. RSVP and you’ll have the same access to see discussions, pictures, videos and more. Or start your own event, meet, car show – whatever. It’s easy.

There’s a spot for local classified ads too.

When clubs or events are created in your area (within that radius I mentioned) you can be notified if you want (check your settings). Same goes for classifieds…

Oh and my favorite – set your account as “Race Track Ready”. This will throw up a racing flag and let other people in the area know you’re looking for a race. Of course, “race track” is the key term here. No street racing, people…

All that being said, the iPhone app and website are up and running but are constantly being improved. We only just launched and there’s a few bugs here and they’re that we’re working on RIGHT NOW. I took a quick break to write up this message as I’m excited to see everything beginning to come together.

Anyway. Check it out! Give it a shot. It’s a REALLY cool app and there’s a LOT more interesting features coming your way. Trust me. You’ll like what’s coming. But I think you’ll love what’s already in place…


If you need help getting it installed on your Android device, let me know. To begin with you’ll need your security settings configured to allow app installs from outside the app store – since it’s not there yet…

Let me know what you think!

Thank you!

Sal C.

I finally watched an episode of American Horror Story last night. And I was horrified.

I’m F’ing frustrated. Why is everything geared toward women on television? Can’t watching T.V. be a mutually beneficial activity? Or do I need to put on the Speed Channel and watch a bunch of T&A to escape from chick flicks for awhile?

So. American Horror Story. The main male character appears to be in his late 40s and is in as perfect shape (like a mini body builder) as a woman wants a man to be – carefully selected as to not be “too” muscular. The main female character is also in her late 40s and, as expected, wears a lot of clothing – always. But I’m not complaining as she probably looks a lot better covered.

The male character “apparently” had sex with one of his 21 year old students but we didn’t see any of her. The female character got railed by some masked guy covered in leather from head to toe in what could only be described as a “fantasy rape” scene. Again, of course, we didn’t see anything of the woman except for her face and shoulders (again, probably for the best).

Of course, we saw the mini body builder fully naked from the back and waist up several times in the episode – including once while he masturbated to orgasm. Oh, I can’t forget to add that there was a young woman (house keeper) who also masturbated, fully clothed, for one split second (if you caught it).

So is there anything I’m actually supposed to like about this show? So far it appears to be for women who are “actually” attracted to men and men who are attracted to men. I’m heterosexual. Are there any “good” television shows for me?

This planet is ridiculous…

I have a bazillion dollar idea…

I’ve had this idea in my head for a long, long, LONG time – and since it still hasn’t been “done” yet – I suppose it’s not such a good idea. But, I like it. :)

Automobiles need indicators placed somewhere on the rear of the vehicle that shows what’s going on concerning the accelerator pedal. Let’s say you’re speeding along at seventy miles per hour on the highway. You’re an acceptable distance behind the vehicle in front of you but if the driver slams on the brakes at that speed – chances are you’re not going to stop in time. You’re either going to hit the car or swerve out of the way causing all kinds of problems around you.

If there were a small indicator light on the back of vehicles that displayed two states:

1. Foot off the accelerator pedal
2. Foot hovering over the brake pedal

…it would save countless lives and spare many thousands of people of accidents. Perhaps insurance companies would offer discounts for vehicles that would have this option…

So now you’re traveling at seventy miles per hour on the highway and the driver of the vehicle in front of you takes their foot off the gas pedal. A small yellow light displays somewhere on the back of the vehicle. As their foot hovers over the brake pedal that same light turns orange…

Simple. Inexpensive. Saves lives… No brainer?

JCPenny – What a deal…

I was walking through the mall today – and I came upon a sign in JC Penny’s. To you young folk, “JCP”. It stated, “Not finding it in the store? We’ll order and ship it to the store for free.*”. I walked past the sign and had to go back. Really? “Free”? You really needed to mention that you won’t charge the customer extra to have an order shipped from your warehouse to your store with the rest of the stuff that ships every day? Wow! What a deal! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that! </sarcasm>

And don’t forget to read the fine print. “Free shipping does not apply to items delivered via truck”. So what does this mean, exactly? I imagine the “deal” (free) only applies to small items. So if JCP doesn’t have an item in stock they’re going to charge you to ship the item from their warehouse to their store so you can go pick it up. Hilarious…

JCP – if you want to brag about something you’re offering for “free” – why not allow your customer to have the item shipped to their HOME free of charge? Wouldn’t THAT be something?!

Wow! Free! Plus, read the fine print...
Wow! Free! Plus, read the fine print…

Unsanitary Practices at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

I’m at Universal Studios for opening weekend of Halloween Horror Nights. If you’ve been here before you know you bump into various bars and eateries everywhere as you walk around. My nephew and I went to one of the bar stands and ordered drinks. There was another person on line that we were talking to so we bought them a drink as well. We all had refillable cups (you pay extra for the cup and then get a discount on drinks all night)…

The young girl taking the money at the register grabbed all three cups, in no specific order, and handed them to a young man behind her, again in no specific order, and he started filling the cups.

Do you see the problem here? Who’s cup/drink is who’s? Apparently that’s not part of the training program or at all important to people who work at Universal Studios. They just grab all the cups, fill ‘em up and hand ‘em out. It doesn’t matter if anyone has herpes or is sick with some other type of communicable disease.

So if and when you go to one of these events, be sure to keep an eye on your refillable cup or you might get your drink in somebody else’s dirty used cup. Real sanitary, Universal Studios. Thanks for looking out for your customers…

Is Palm Beach County The Most Dangerous Place In America?

On the way home from the gym this morning, which is ten minutes away, I spotted five police cars. It was a mix of both our local Sheriff’s Department and Police Department. Five. And that’s not including unmarked police cars – which are always cruising around Palm Beach County. It was actually kind of a slow morning as I normally see more.

This is normal to me but I have a lot of guests fly in from other states, mostly northern states in the New York area, and they always comment about the police presence.

When you envision South Florida, you probably see lots of retired people living in condos. And while that’s not exactly how it is here – there ARE a lot of retired people living in Palm Beach County. And most of the area is at least fairly affluent. There ARE a lot of local gangs – but aren’t they everywhere?

You could easily see ten police cars during your trip to the local grocery store. I remember driving around in New York and hardly every seeing a police car. And most people tell me that these days they rarely see police on their way to or from work. So what’s the deal? Is Palm Beach County the most dangerous place in America? What would happen if we didn’t have police EVERYWHERE at all times? Is the human element here so criminal that we can’t maintain order without armed guards all around us? Is this where humanity IS at this point?

Is it like this near you?

edit: 09.24.2014 – The SUV was on the way to the gym this morning. The sedan was on my way back home from the gym this morning. And there were countless marked police cars all over the place. I really have to wonder just what kind of people I’m living with in Palm Beach County…

1. Obvious “unmarked” vehicles
2. Not so obvious “unmarked” vehicles
3. Sheriff’s Department vehicles
4. Police Department vehicles
5. State Troopers

…all on the road simultaneously…

IMG_20140924_075129 IMG_20140924_120638

That blog, tho…

Everybody who knows me knows I say things you’ll never hear anywhere else. At least not for awhile. I invented a lot of the strange terms and phrases you hear today. To begin with the term, “dick face”. Yeah. That was mine. I invented it. I know, I know. It’s hard to believe. And yes, I realize that somebody, somewhere could have possibly said it first. But I claim it. My grandfather invented frozen pizza. Yup. He did. If he’d been more business savvy than street smart, Ellio’s Pizza would be mine. But I admit – some Eskimo in Alaska might have left a slice on the ice table over night and ‘actually’ had frozen pizza the next day – long before my grandfather did. So, at the very least, my grandfather ‘sold’ the first frozen pizza. At least that’s how the story goes.

So… There are a few more interesting terms and phrases that I ‘invented’ that have gone mainstream… I invented phrases like, “I’m as hungry as a penguin on Wednesday”. To note, it’s “on Wednesday” – not “on ‘a’ Wednesday”. Why? I don’t know. That’s just the way I said it a million and eleven years ago. “I’m as thirsty as a frozen giraffe”. Yup. That’s mine. And while I’m sure you’ve never heard that one, you surely have heard a derivative. “Don’t be an assfucker/dickneck/prickface”. Why? I don’t know. It just sounded better than the alternatives at the time.

I can’t go into ALL of my term and phrase inventions – so let me get to my question… Who the BALLS invented, “Those rims tho”? “That hood tho”. I think that shit sounds pretty silly but I can’t sit here and say my phrases are any less ridiculous. But “That <something> tho” took off like a bat out of hell. And most people can’t even type out “though” like it’s too difficult or something. Are people so lazy that they can’t type out the remaining “ugh”? Or is “tho” just part of the “mystique” of it all? But anyway. I just want to know who started it because I’m impressed at how damn quickly every 20-something says this phrase 472 times each day.

Honestly, I’d probably find it cool if I only had to hear it 30 times per day, tho…