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Hey, Fatso…

I wrote this to a loved one this evening and thought it would be good to share with other fat fucks like myself… You FAT fuck! Yeah, when I asked you if you weighed 270 a couple of weeks ago, I forgot that you’re not a weightlifter like I am. When I was at my […]

The ongoing challenge of staying in shape (for a fat guy)

If you’re reading this at Facebook, you need to click the link to view the whole thing – otherwise you’ll just see these couple of sentences. Everyone is always bewildered about where “the rest” is. This is only an except. Over the course of nearly two years I went from being obese at 270lbs at […]

Fat – Keeping It Off

Boy oh boy.. Well, I weighed about 270 pounds at my heaviest – which wasn’t all fat – but I didn’t look good. So a couple of years ago I decided to lead a more healthy life. If you’re really curious about the details, it’s all in my blog history… So anyway.. At my most […]

09.21.09 Weightloss Update

Obviously I’d set very long-term goals back in January. 2009 was/is an entire year dedicated to losing fat. I’ve gone from 243.4 pounds (not my heaviest, actually) at 26.8% body fat and 39.0% lean mass to 174.6 pounds at 15.7% body fat and 28.0% lean mass in nine months. I’ve lost 11.1% body fat and 11.0% lean mass. That’s about half the fat I had on my body – as well as half the muscle I had. I’ll get the muscle back next year.

Diet and Fitness Update

Well, I just saw 191 on the scale this morning.. It’s very nice to walk behind women and children and not have them looking over their shoulder, watching my every move. It’s also nice to be out of size 44 pants and into 34′s… My goal is 30 but I’ll be satisfied with 32… It’s […]

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