The ongoing challenge of staying in shape (for a fat guy)

If you’re reading this at Facebook, you need to click the link to view the whole thing – otherwise you’ll just see these couple of sentences. Everyone is always bewildered about where “the rest” is. This is only an except.

Over the course of nearly two years I went from being obese at 270lbs at 29.3% body fat and 37.1% lean body mass to 161lbs at 12.5% body fat and about 26% lean body mass with lots of vascularity and a good six pack. People would ask me if I was a body builder. That was pretty cool. It’s been about a year and a half since then – and between working to regain some of my lost muscle mass (a lot) and partying (drinking) due to the fact that I love being out nowadays – I’ve put back on 30 pounds – 20 of which are fat. Not so good.

I’ve tried many diets over the years and I’m always learning. I’ve learned that a low carb diet like Atkins won’t work forever unless you stick with it. You can cheat from time to time but you can’t completely go off for a few months and then think it’ll be as effective as the first time. Your body learns what you’re doing. The Atkins diet works so great the first time because you’re shocking your body and it doesn’t know what to do. It’s really great. And I may give it another shot one day. It’s been long enough that I think it can work for me again. Continue reading