Not that I make a habit of eating fast food, but Danielle, her Father and I were out shopping for furniture for their new home in West Palm Beach – and I was hungry. Very hungry. I need to eat every couple of hours because I eat very small meals. Anyway…

I pull into McDonalds (the one on Okeechobee Boulevard near Congress) and the girl taking the order either didn’t understand what I was asking for or was on too many drugs to accommodate me. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, plain with honey mustard on the side. Well, I ended up driving away without ever completing my order. It was far too confusing for the McDonalds employee.

So I head over to Wendy’s (on Military Trail) where they’re (in the past) more familiar with orders of meat without bread (yes, I’m changing my order now). So I get there, wait on a 10 minute line and order. The guy taking the order spoke such horrific English that I should have known I wasn’t going to get what I ordered.

I ordered two pieces of grilled chicken in a container PLAIN with honey mustard on the side. It was like $8.00 and change and off I drove to the pickup window. What I received was two grilled chicken sandwiches (meaning with bread), NOT plain (mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes were on it). Of course, there were no utensils, so I had to pick this stuff apart with my fingers and eat with my hands.

And to make matters worse – they were the worst pieces of grilled chicken I had ever eaten. Dry as all hell and the outer layer was old and actually sharp.

What is wrong with this planet? Why can’t people handle the most mundane tasks? I’m losing my ability to be compassionate with “less fortunate” people. I’m starting to believe they do it to themselves…

Neither McDonalds nor Wendy’s could successfully sell me food today

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