What the hell is wrong with humans? I’m never coming back to this planet! My cruise to Alaska was great – until the last day when we were leaving.

For a fee (and a fairly nominal fee if you wait until the last minute), you can upgrade your room category. I book a room with a balcony – so I usually upgrade to a Penthouse Suite. The suite comes with a butler, concierge service and a few other goodies. One of the benefits is being escorted to and from wherever you go.

So the final day comes and everyone is lined up to leave. Lucky for us, my wife and I have purchased an upgraded plan and we can walk right off the ship before everyone else. So all the men waiting on line for an hour have estrogenic bitch fits.

As I’m walking by, one guy tells me there’s a line and that I should go back to the end of it. He wasn’t very nice about it – so I got a little nasty back. I said, “We’re extra special. We go to the front of the line”. So he mermers something to his wife about me being an asshole. I turn around and say, “Hey! You get what you pay for” – and walk away. BOY, did I want to sock him in the neck! He was even more pissed off after that. He should have just kept his big mouth shut. Big mouth, little man.

A couple of moments later, some other twerp made a nasty comment to somebody else because they got in front of him on line. There was ten to fifteen feet of room in front of him and somebody simply used the space. Whatever. If there were enough room to get around the people in front of me I’d have jumped in front of him too. I was already pissed off about the loser from a few moments ago – and I was really ready to throw hands with whoever felt the need to go.

This same shit applies at other places as well. Take Disney in Orlando, Florida for example. My wife and I often go to visit – especially around Christmas (gee, I hope nobody is offended by my use of the “C” word) and Halloween. We purchase “fast passes” so we don’t have to wait on the long lines. There’s a lot to do at these places. Who wants to sit on line for HOURS? I don’t like wasting time.

Anyway. You get the same nasty comments there! Well hello, loser! If you don’t want to wait on line, PAY FOR THE F’ing FAST PASSES! Don’t be pissed off at my wife and I because I work hard and can afford to pass you up on the line! I’m not a millionaire! Anyone can afford this stuff. Next time save for an extra week or two instead of sitting online watching my wife and I get on and off the ride twice while you’re still waiting there. Ya grumpy f#$ker!

I’m telling you, one of these days, I’m going to think about prison AFTER I deal with one of these rejects. I wonder who the lucky degenerate will be.

Girly Men and their Estrogenic Bitch Fits
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