What is it with everyone being so fake these days? I can understand some of the fake stuff – like Botox, breast implants, steroids, etcetera – because to some extent – those things are real. They exist. If you can see it, touch it and feel it – than how fake is it? It’s there! I don’t condone any of the afforementioned things. If I take a liking to someone, I do so for who they are – imperfections and all. In fact, when I see a woman, I appreciate her imperfections. We’re only human. Nobody is perfect. I don’t expect YOU to be.

Anyway. When I’m out shopping with my wife, I see all these women’s tops and bottoms with “secret” slimming elastic or whatever the f#$k it is.

Okay, so you look great with these “secret” slimming clothes and now the guy you’re looking to bed is interested. What would you do if you were about to hit it and the guy’s hair fell off? Yeah. That’s the same as you taking your clothes off and – buhlahh – everything fuhlopps out. And men are very visual beings. Considering that, what do you think is going to happen to his errection?! That, too, will flop. And now where are you? Embarrassed, horny and sloppy since you’ve neglected to take care of yourself due to the amazing “secret” shortcut.

Instead of looking to get out of dieting or the hard work of physical fitness, start considering it. Not only are you fooling yourself with “secret” bullshit, you’re also getting lazy with your well being. Be healthy instead of fake. I’m not saying you have to be perfect. Or even close to it. Just be you. Do your best to be your best and good things will come to you. Good health, good sex and everything else. Don’t neglect your health because you can “fake” LOOKING healthy! For God’s sake how stupid is that?

Apparently your husband / boyfriend / girlfriend (whatever) accepts you the way you are. Is that not good enough? Or do you need more? Because if you need more, than “secrets” aren’t going to get you where you want to be. You might as well stuff your “B” to a “D” and see where that gets you when the guy who’s into massive silicone enhanced breasts sees the real you.

Now you – YES, YOU! Can FAKE looking good!
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