It’s amazing how times change.. Years ago, you never had to worry about anybody being on the phone while driving. The worst case scenario was somebody drinking and driving or driving while high. Bad, yes – but not everybody was doing it. Nowadays, you have EVERYBODY doing something that’s probably at least half as dangerous as being drunk or high – talking and/or texting on cell phones while driving.

When is this going to stop? When are YOU going to stop? AFTER you kill yourself or the family driving next to you? Maybe THEN you’ll realize just how dangerous this is. I am 110% positive you’re thinking, “well, it won’t happen to me – I’m a good driver” or “the people who get into accidents while talking on the phone or texting just aren’t paying close enough attention”. Right… Tell that to yourself while you’re six feet under or to the person you just killed and their family because you were better and more capable than everyone else.

I drive around and I literally see ALMOST EVERYBODY on the phone. It’s truly amazing.. The fact is – MAYBE you’re a pretty darn good driver while texting and/or chatting on a non-hands-free device. Maybe you are! But you’re DEFINITELY not driving as safely as you are when you’re paying 100% attention to the road. And the sad fact is – the “other guy” (or girl) driving next to you is PROBABLY on the phone! So now you have a freeway full of half-drunk drivers. What are the odds you’re NEVER going to be involved in a potentially fatal accident?

While you’re doing your thing – not paying full attention to your driving – you WILL NOT be able to avoid an accident situation as well as you would if you were paying full attention. So while you’re on the phone, and the next guy is on the phone, and you both swerve a little and smash into each other and dart into the opposite direction and cause a massive pileup – Ya know what? I’m just going to stop there.. When I see you in heaven, I’m going to tell you, “I told you so!”…

Wise up, asshole! We each only get ONE LIFE. And it’s very fucking fragile as it is! Who the fucking hell are you to put everyone’s life at risk around you?! Jerkoff…

P.S. It’s REAL easy to fix this situation. Get a damn bluetooth headset and use it while you’re driving. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and it could save your life and the lives of others. Isn’t that worth the price of about $50? So here it is flat out.. I don’t like people who use non-hands-free devices while driving. In fact, I don’t even like people who LIKE people who drive while operating non-hands-free devices.

There are some of you out there who REALLY can’t afford to buy a bluetooth device. Okay, I understand.. So ask for one for Christmas, your Birthday or whatever.. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Make it happen. It’s for your own good…

Get off the F’ing phone!
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