So I went to see Drag Me To Hell last night with my wife and mother in law. It was a pretty cool movie – not the greatest – but the story was cool and the acting was good enough to keep me interested for an hour and a half – or however long the movie was. There were a couple of parts that were silly and a few that were surely meant to be funny (let’s hope). But all in all, it was a decent movie.

Unfortunately, the immature assholes in the theater were relentless in their efforts to prove that they were too tough to be scared by a movie. This same nonsense happened with the re-release of The Exorcist in 2000. I only lasted about 5 minutes before all the laughter in the audience really ruined the experience.

Of COURSE it’s not going to be scary anymore. The movie was made in 1973. Even Psycho isn’t scary anymore. The original Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street movies aren’t scary either.  I can admit that old flicks like Frankenstein actually ARE more funny than scary. But CAN’T you just enjoy the flick for what it is?

No. YOU have to prove to everyone around you that you’re so tough, you LAUGH at scary movies. Wow! Boy, would I hate to meet up with YOU in a dark alley! Holy crap! You’re a SUPER intimidating asshole! Is that the incentive? Do you impress your friends with your massive helping of courage? Or does your ditzy girlfriend give you a better blow job at the end of the night because now it’s extremely obvious that you fear nothing? You big, fearless bear, you…

Young Guys Are Really Stupid – Or Are They?

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