When I hit the bathroom in a public place, there’s nothing I hate more than walking in and seeing a limited amount of urinals forcing me into the position of peeing right next to another man.

I always end up finding a stall and locking myself in there to do my fuckin’ business. It’s not that I’m socially inadequate or worried that somebody is going to laugh at my tiny pecker. I’m just uncomfortable being three inches away from another man with his penis hanging out.

When is it ever socially acceptible for two men to be standing side by side in a public place with their penises out? Is it too damn much trouble to ask for a little separation and/or a divider of some sort with these urinals? Apparently, it is – because all too many of men’s restrooms are laid out in such a way.

Am I the only one uninterested in crossing streams or having a urine “sword fight” in the bathroom?

A Place I Absolutely Hate Being
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