Well, I just saw 191 on the scale this morning.. It’s very nice to walk behind women and children and not have them looking over their shoulder, watching my every move. It’s also nice to be out of size 44 pants and into 34’s… My goal is 30 but I’ll be satisfied with 32… It’s probably safe for me to start buying clothes about now – I only have 11 more pounds to lose..

In regards to weighing food – I know it works – but that didn’t work for me. I basically ate until I was satisfied (and sometimes even more) but I ate the right foods. I found things I really enjoyed eating. Mostly Caesar Salads with Grilled Chicken and Ranch Dressing – and NOT light dressing either.. Full fat.. I just got the dressing on the side and “dipped” instead of putting it on the salad. I was introduced to Sushi and Sashimi by Kona Grille (heh – see www.salcollaziano.com) – and THAT was a lifesaver. Sushi and Sashimi are a WHOLE LOT healthier than Cheeseburgers and Hot Dogs – and that helped big time. So finding foods I liked and NOT worrying about eating like a bird worked for me.

Heck, you can eat just about all the lettuce and grilled chicken you want without having to worry. Same goes for Salmon and other types of fish – whether it be in sushi/sashimi form or cooked. Oh yeah, I’d have a lot of lettuce and fish meals as well…

Every so often I’d have snacks like potato chips or Sun Chips. Just ONE serving per day, though. Another thing I’d eat EVERY day was Non-Fat Greek Yogurt. It’s so thick and creamy you wouldn’t believe it. The name is Chobani. I’d also eat one of those new high fiber chewy granola bars – and sometimes I’d throw some peanut butter on top…

When I went out to eat, I’d have a little bread.. And my salads normally had croutons – and I’d have a few.. So I didn’t do “no carb” or anything like that. I had plenty of natural sugar (from the fruit in the yogurts), some bread and rice with my sushi. In any event, I DID do a LOT of exercise.. 20 minutes of cardio EVERY morning before I ate.. I’ve boosted that up to 30 minutes now since I’m looking to lose that “last few pounds” which is very difficult. I’d also weight train on Monday, Tuesday and Friday – and on days that I didn’t weight train, I’d “often” (not always) go to the gym a second time and do another 30-40 minutes of cardio.

I’m PRETTY sure the hard part is over now.. I mean, I do have some more weight to lose – but I’m happy where I am. Once I reach my goal, I’ll relax a little bit – but still watch the scale closely. When I find myself gaining a few pounds, I’ll turn it up again – watch my diet and hit the gym twice a day – and be back on my way to where I’m comfortable. So I WILL splurge a bit – probably on weekends at least a day or so – and see how that goes. I’m VERY comfortable being VERY active so I don’t mind doing this for the rest of my life. I’ve actually learned to REALLY enjoy being out and about like I am…

Diet and Fitness Update

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