Yesterday morning while on the treadmill at LA Fitness, I saw a news report where a teenaged girl named Neda was shot and killed at a rally regarding this whole Iran Presidential controversy. See the video at the bottom (it’s kinda graphic). My first thought was that we should go over there and tear that country to pieces.

After a few minutes of feeling pissed off, I started putting a few things together in my head – and my feelings changed. I started thinking that this was a great plan to get the American public ON the Iran War bandwagon. What a great, great idea.

First of all, it’s not the “monster” media we’re getting this feeling from. (And by the way, the media is really falling apart lately – they know we think they’re bullshit and they’re all pointing their fingers at one another lately – have you noticed?) It’s actual citizens in Iran publishing videos and links on YouTube and Twitter. So it’s innocent. Right? There’s no motive involved here. It’s “the people” showing us this stuff. Right?

Wrong. I believe this is all a well laid-out plan.. The leadership in our country who’s pushing for a war with Iran knew this rigged election would bring us to where we are today – demonstrations on the streets of Iran with citizens being killed by those in power. AND – they knew that YouTube and Twitter would be used to bring this information to us in a far more trustworthy manner than the typical biased media outlets.

After seeing teenaged girls like Neda killed – and however many other videos there are of citizens being killed in the streets – how likely is it that the American public is going to make a big stink about us going in there are taking the reigns in Iran? A LOT less likely…

They finally figured out how to get us interested in a war with Iran…
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