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Did you know that the AMA (American Medical Association) and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) both advised the federal government AGAINST scheduling muscle building drugs related to steroids? Obviously, misinformation, paranoia, ignorance and outright lies caused these substances to be scheduled anyway. Steroids are the only drugs on the list devoid of euphoric or consciousness-altering properties. Why is everybody so afraid of people building muscle?

I can understand why prisons are beginning to take weights away from prisoners. Who wants BIG, strong, violent offenders to deal with? But what about us regular people? What next? Are weights going to be banned in gyms one day? That may sound ridiculous – but doesn’t the fear of “muscle building” sound ridiculous to beginwith?

Does it have to do with the feminization of America? It’s a proven fact that natural testosterone levels in men have declined steadily over the past 20 years. What’s going on? Maybe it has to do with the medical field. If all 50 year old men were taking testosterone, they’d have more energy, more ambition, more motivation, more drive to exericise, more sex, less need for viagra, cialis or whatever else is out there… Less trips to the doctor… I suppose simple, inexpensive testosterone would cause the medical field to lose lots of money…

It’s all about money, people.. Take GHB for example. It’s a class 3 drug – just like cocaine, heroine, etcetera. What does class 3 mean? It means there are no approved medical uses. Well than how is it that Jazz Pharmaceuticals is making a killing by selling it? Right now! Instead of it being sold over the counter like it had been for decades (it was cheap!), now it’s available by prescription only (and it’s very expensive).

Performance enhancing substances. Who would have ever imagined our corrupt government, with the help of their corrupt media, would have us so worried about “performance enhancing substances”? Think about it. What if, one day, some “mad scientist” develops “intelligence enhancing substances“? Are we going to lock him away and make these new substances Public Enemy #1? Please! For the love of God! Save the children from intelligence enhancing substances!

Wanna know how many scientific studies definitively link the use of anabolic steroids to death – or even serious health risks? One? Fifteen? Twenty? Nope… Try ZERO.

Watch this video for an in-depth look at the truth about steroids…

The Truth About Steroids
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