So I noticed my local Steak ‘n Shake has closed down. Not only has it simply closed, but all and any signs of it’s existance have been removed. There’s absolutely no sign that it was ever there. I’ve never seen a business this proactive in wiping a location clearly off the face of the Earth. Then it hit me…

This is a place that I vowed I’d never eat at again – even before I went there with friends and had a subhuman waitor that ACTUALLY smelled like human feces. Can you imagine having food served to you by someone who smelled like human fecal matter? Oddly enough, the person I went with ate his/her food anyway. I won’t name names.

This is the only Steak ‘n Shake I’ve ever eaten at. So I don’t know how all the other locations are. But I find it ridiculous for any company to allow such shitbags (no pun intended) to work in a restaurant. You must have problems if you cannot find competent managers to reliably hire decent employees to be the face of a restaurant location.

Anyway. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this West Palm Beach location (next to Best Buy on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard and Executive Center Drive) was closed by the health department – for having who knows what filthy, infectious, diseased something or other in the food – and the corporation did whatever it could to completely erase the memory of Steak ‘n Shake from our minds.

So what’s the lesson here? If your waitor or waitress smells like human feces – or the cooks in the back look like filthy, bad excuses for human beings, don’t be a stupid, lazy shit eater (like my friend) and eat somewhere the fuck else!

Steak ‘n Shake and Human Feces
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