Honey? Does my ass look good in these jeans?

Everybody knows how they’re supposed to answer that stupid question. NO! It DOESN’T look good!

Just kidding. Sometimes it does.. Sometimes it doesn’t.. But are you supposed to lie? Yes. Why?

If I put on a shirt and ask my wife if it looks good on me, for F’s sake I don’t want her to lie to me! I don’t want to walk around the mall wearing a shirt that makes me look like a flaming dick face. If it looks bad on me – don’t lie! If you want to lie a little bit, you can break the news to me gently. Say it doesn’t fall right on me.. It just doesn’t look right on me.. Something! But I want the truth! You don’t have to tell me it makes me look like a fat idiot. But honestly – I’d rather you say so if it’s true rather than tell me it looks good on me.

But that’s just me. I don’t know for sure if other guys feel the way I do – but I bet they do. What about women?

If you’re my wife and you ask me how your ass looks is your jeans, dress or whatever – I’m telling you the truth – out of respect. If it looks really bad on you, I’ll break the news gently – but I’ll let you know! Is this wrong? Would you rather walk around with a butt that only Sir Mix-a-lot can appreciate? Or would you rather have me let you know so you could change into something more appealing? I mean, hell! You apparently respect my opinion… Shouldn’t I return the favor?

P.S. Regarding the video below… I haven’t watched the whole thing in a long, long time – but I don’t remember any of the women dancing having a big butt… Interesting?

Does your wife’s ass REALLY look good in those jeans?
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