Every group of guys has one of these.. Who is it in YOUR group?

Ya know that guy who acts completely different in front of girls/women and says just about anything with the hope that she’ll take a special interest in him? You know who I’m talking about.. The guy who acts almost feminine when a female comes around. Not so feminine as to push her away – but just enough to have her think, “Wow. This guy is different“…

When a hot, trashy looking young woman wearing fishnets, high heels and a tight mini skirt walks by and the female in the group comments on how she “looks like a whore” or a slut – he wholeheartedly agrees while the rest of us are picking our tongues up off the ground. That guy.

Now sometimes this is perfectly fine.. For example – when you’re with your wife. Of course you’re not going to say the slut looks good. You’re supposed to be a little less of a man at certain times after you’re married. Of course, we’re all still the same F’ing animals we used to be – but we’re a little bit more respectful about certain things. It’s not like we turned gay after marriage – or that we stopped liking women all of the sudden – especially the kinds we’ve always been attracted to.

Another time this is okay is when the guy is actually going to get something out of it. Hell, if he’s getting laid or a blow job, than more power to him. We’re generally okay with this type of behavior when something good is going to come out of it. But when the guy is getting nothing – there lies the problem.

This jerk is making every other male on the planet look bad because this girl/woman believes his fairy tale and actually thinks he’s only attracted to a women’s brain, heart and whatever else comes after appearance for the rest of us – for nothing. If there’s no good reason to make the rest of us look bad – think twice about screwing over all your friends and cut it out! If you’re going to be a big pussy and fail to follow through, STFU and move on! Let somebody else put on the act and actually get something out of acting like such a woman.

FYI. This is the same guy who tells his wife all kinds of bad things about his friends so she gets the feeling that she married the right guy. Ever pop over your friends house and have his wife looking at you a little differently than she used to? Well there you go. Pussy face told her some story about you. It doesn’t make a difference whether the story was true or not – she’ll never respect you again. She won’t throw it in your face – but she’ll always feel a little funny being around you.

Anyway.. Which guy in your group is “that guy”?

Every group of guys has this one asshole

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