“Because the Israel lobby has gradually become one of the most powerful interest groups in the United States, candidates for high office pay close attention to its wishes. The individuals and groups in the United States that make up the lobby care deeply about Israel, and they do not want American politicians to criticize it, even when criticism might be warranted and might even be in Israel’s own interest. Instead, these groups want U.S. leaders to treat Israel as if it were the fifty-first state. Democrats and Republicans alike fear the lobby’s clout. They all know that any politician who challenges its policies stands little chance of becoming president.

That was an except from an Article in the New York Times found here:

What do YOU think of this? Is there any truth to it? If not, tell me why you feel that way. If it IS indeed true, than it’s also true that our politicians (as well as President) are bought and owned (which means we’re ALL bought and owned) by these powerful lobbies – who have their own best interests – not ours – in mind…

Is Our President Bought and Owned by Lobbies?

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