I think people put too much faith in the “exercise” of walking around shopping. I jog on an eliptical machine and burn approximately one calorie every five seconds or so. That being said, how long do you think it takes you to burn a single calorie slowly browsing the aisles in a department store – stopping evey few seconds? Probably about thirty seconds – right?

So when you’re casually shopping, you’re burning about sixty calories every half an hour. That’s not even a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. And you’re wondering why you don’t lose any weight “with all the exercise” you get. And then you have “briskly walking” in your target heartrate “fat burning zone”. Well that’s a bunch of sad wishful thinking. Yes, it burns fat – but the more effort you put into it, the better the results you’ll get. Walking faster than “briskly” will get you much better results – and might actually burn enough fat for somebody to notice.

If being in shape was easy, don’t you think everybody would be that way? Stop procrastinating and do what needs to be done. Stop waiting until next week to get started. Nobody’s going to hold your hand and do it for you.

If you’re a woman, all you have to do is get skinny. That’s the big challenge. Along the way you can lift a weight here or there and get toned. Easy. If you’re a man, well, that’s a different story. You have to be skinny AND big at the same time. Isn’t THAT a crock?! Not only do you have to sweat your jiggidies off doing cardio, but you have to break your back lifting weights that you can bearly budge to build muscle that your body doesn’t want (due to homeostasis). So have a good time fighting with mother nature. But for God’s sake – get started.

Putting Light Exercise Into Perspective
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