Have things changed so much that people are no longer comfortable driving around with their windows opened? Has society become such a bunch of intraverts with the Internet as their new reality that the possibility of outdoor human interaction is frightening to them?

Five years ago when I lived in New York, people opened their windows to experience the air and outdoors every chance they had. Here in South Florida in 2009, even when it’s beautiful out at 70 degrees on a clear, sunny day – people are driving around with their windows closed and their air conditioners on. Are people just in such a habit of automatically getting into their cars and doing this? Or do they just feel more secure closed-up inside their box – safe from other human beings?

Maybe with all the F’ing nut cases in the world (rapists, murderers, thieves, baby f’ers, etcetera) people would rather just avoid interaction at all costs. Even beyond the fear of interaction, I think people just want to be invisible altogether. If they drive around with their tinted windows closed, it’s almost as if they don’t even exist.

What do you think? And by the way… If you read this blog and don’t leave your opinion, you’re an idiot.

Have a nice day!

Is it me? Or is it everybody else?
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