After a grueling cardio workout this morning, already uncomfortable and exhausted, I walked into the men’s locker room (I wish I could just use the other one) and to my stout disappointment the first thing I saw was a man bending over with his hairy ass facing straight at me. More often than not, I walk into the locker room with my eyes about chest-level to avoid making eye contact. Making eye contact in a men’s locker room in South Florida isn’t the best idea if you’re straight. Anyway, my sore eyes wished they were looking higher today..

A few days ago, I walked into the locker room, started washing up and noticed an older guy in his 50s sitting about 10 feet away from me by the lockers to the right. There’s a mirror in front of the sinks so it was easy to see what happened next out of the corner of my eye. A few moments later, another guy walked in and used the locker right next to him. He proceeded to strip naked. The older guy was probably already uncomfortable before the other guy turned around and had his ass in the older guy’s face. He was only a few inches away. The older guy probably smelled his dirty ass. Even worse, his penis and testicles were surely dangling just a few inches away – I’m glad I didn’t have to see that…

Personally, I think locker rooms should have established, dedicated areas where it’s okay to be naked. Maybe an unwritten rule – or just a sign stating that for the courtesy of others, please don’t fully undress “in this section”. Would that be such a bad thing?

I know, it’s probably just me. I’m an oddball. I never changed in locker rooms with other guys before. Never. I was just never comfortable with it. I don’t know why. But that’s me. Deal with it. So maybe all the rest of you men like prancing around in locker rooms with penises and balls bouncing around. That’s great. To each his own…

A Man’s Hairy Ass
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