Hmm. I provide my wife with a beautiful home, nice cars, shoes, pocketbooks, hair, nails and cosmetic accessories out the ying yang, weekly massages, healthy food, cruises and various vacations several times per year. I have a career that I love. I’m healthy and in excellent shape. And I’m a decent, honest guy. My goodness. Who’d have ever thought I would manage all this. I really don’t feel all that different from the guy who had no car and had to walk an hour to work in the rain thirteen or fourteen years ago. I think life has treated me well. If I were to die tomorrow, I’ll feel like I accomplished everything I really needed to – besides living to a ripe old age. Though I WILL be 40 in 2011. But that’s not exactly ripe. Unless you’re under 30, I suppose.

If I do live long enough, I’d like a few more things. I’d like to see Hawaii, China, Japan, Australia and maybe Italy. I’d like to own either a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a short time. I’d like to own a Rolls Royce, Bentley or Maybach for the long-term. I’d like a Yacht that I can live on for a month at a time throughout the year – and bring all my friends and family with me. And I think I’d like a home on Billionaire’s Row in Palm Beach, Florida. I think that’s about it.

If I live to the age of a normal, healthy man, I will succeed in obtaining these things. I have no doubt in my mind. This post will serve as my checklist as the years go by. In any event, I’m happy. And I guess that’s what this post is really all about. Life is good. I’m glad I decided to stick around – even when, at times, it seemed there was no reason.

Life is……..
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