Doesn’t anyone realize that when a person says, “I can care less” – it ACTUALLY means that they CARE?!

“You know what, Sal?! I could care less!”

Well, thank you! That’s wonderful! I’m thrilled that you care and that what I just told you doesn’t lie at the bottom of your list of things to care about – since you CAN care LESS about other things. 🙂

Now if you told me the following:

“You know what, Sal?! I couldn’t care less!”

Well then I might be a little offended! Heck! If you couldn’t possibly care any less about what I said, than I suppose it pretty much means nothing to you – and I just wasted my breath (or key strokes in this case).

So today’s lesson is… Think before you speak! Don’t just copy off of everyone else and assume they know what the F! (heck) they’re saying! Most people on this planet don’t have a clue! Hell! They place a vote for the Presidency of the United States of America based on hearsay – just like everybody else.

I Could Care Less. Really?
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