Is it just me? Or does it annoy the hell out of anyone else? You know what I’m talking about. The “tip” or “gratuity” line where you sign when paying by credit card at a store or food joint like Field of Greens, Starbucks or wherever. Aren’t the employee’s wages the responsibility of the business owner? Since when did it become our responsibility – as customers – to pay a portion of this besides what we already pay when we purchase the product? Is anybody falling for this? Must be otherwise they’d stop this nonsense.

As customers, don’t we pay enough of a markup on the goods we’re purchasing? No. Now we need to relieve some of the responsibility of paying the owner’s employees. If I were the boss, I’d have a much easier time convincing potential employees to accept a lower wage considering the fact that tips will be factored in – paid by customers.

I’m not complaining about tipping at all. I’m a very good tipper. But in order to get a good tip, there’s a few things I expect in return. First, I expect table service. In other words, I expect to be attended to. When I need a refill of what I’m drinking, I don’t expect to wait for very long. I expect my order to be brought to me – the right way – or at the very least, close to it. I expect my food to be cooked or prepared to order (medium well, rare, well done, etcetera). And I expect a pleasant experience dealing with the waiter or waitress. Isn’t that what we all give gratuity in return for?

What are we getting from the cashier that warrants this gratuity? And at what percentage are we supposed to tip? If I order a $5.00 iced coffee, am I expected to tip $1.00? I’d feel a little weird putting anything less than a dollar in the tip area. But in this case, that’s a 20% tip – for what? Ringing up my order? I’m guessing most people who feel the need to fill in the tip area throw in at least a dollar. So if this becomes the norm, and the cashier rings up 50 people in a day, he/she makes $50.00 on tips alone? If I were the business owner, I’d certainly pay nothing over minimum wage if there’s a potential for a (probably) part time cashier earning $50.00 per day on gratuity alone.

It looks like it’s only a matter of time before we not only pay the marked-up price of the goods we buy, but also the employees salary. Personally, I think this is the business owner’s responsibility – and it’s shameful that he/she is technically looking to hand this over to the customers…

Well that’s what I think, anyway… How about you?

Tips For Cashiers? WTF?!
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