What the holy fuckin’ satanic hell are these brain dead executives and designers thinking when it comes to lock stalks?! Don’t know what a lock stalk is? It’s that stupid piece of plastic that sticks out near the top/back of the doors on what used to be a small but comfortable arm rest – especially convenient when driving with the windows fully opened.

Chances are you have no idea what I’m talking about since most car companies stopped using these stupid things in the 80s. But Cadillac, in their ultimate wisdom, still feels the need to stick these annoying pieces of plastic on the doors. Why?! What purpose do they serve other than to stick in my arm?

Most other car companies either don’t have the stupid piece sticking out anymore – or if they do, it disappears into the door once locked. Genius, huh? I bet somebody at Cadillac is going to read this blog, set up a strategic meeting with the joint chiefs of staff (Cadillac is government owned at this point in time), and present this idea in some big board room with a bunch of fat executives who try to figure out how BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura and fuckin’ Kia do it. Maybe they’ll even contact the Chinese government for ideas on how to redesign their automobiles and learn meditation techniques to help them think outside the box.

Stop putting fucking lock stalks on the doors! It’s not 1977 anymore!

Cadillac! Lose The Stupid Lock Stalks Already!
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