How is it that we’re living in the year 2010 and we still have to sit at a red (traffic) light for a full minute when there’s nobody coming down the road on the side where it’s green? For God’s sake! We can fly to the moon! We can split an atom! We can PROBABLY even travel through TIME for all we know (as worthless pee-ons) – but we can’t figure out how to put sensors in, under or on the roads so that traffic lights can function accordingly with the existing traffic condition. Is it just me?! It CAN’T be! Say it ain’t so!

And not only THAT! But why does it take the people who work on these roads so long to fix whatever it is they’re fixing?! I mean COME ON already! I guess this is what unions are for. Pay the workers to do nothing.

I don’t know how it is by you – but here in south Florida it takes five years for the town, county or whoever the fuck fixes the streets with our tax money – five years to fix a few miles worth of road! How long did it take to build the roads we have today? How long have there been paved roads in America?! Since the early 1900’s? Probably. Right? And most of our roads were probably already built by the 60s. Right? So how long did it take to build all the roads in America from scratch? 40? 50 years?! At the rate people work these days – if we started building our paved roads right now, we wouldn’t be half done by the year 3000! No wonder we’re giving our jobs away to foreigners. Mexicans do the kinds of jobs Americans won’t do – which is everything. Losers.

Road Complaints
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