Let me get right to the damn point. Why can’t police officers obey the speed limits on the road? Not only do they speed, they do so blatantly – because *I* speed – and they pass me. I always drive five miles per hour over the speed limit. Reason being, all speed limits are set too low for me. Especially for my car – which handles and brakes amazingly being a BMW. Some cars are easier to drive fast with than others.

Now cops are always driving at LEAST five to ten miles per hour faster than I am. Is this leading by example? Why is this accepted in society? First it’s speeding, then it’s on to other things. Nobody is supposed to be above the law in America.

The way it’s supposed to work is if the need presents itself, the officer driving the vehicle turns his or her police lights on and proceeds accordingly. This indicates that there’s an emergency and the high speed is warranted.

But cops speed all over the place because they can. It’s annoying – especially here in Half Ass Palm Beach County where we have 45 mile per hour speed limits on some of our four lane highways – and 5000 cops.

So while I have to drive around like a great grandmother who can’t see past her fuckin’ nose, those “privileged” enough to be a police officer can drive to the best of their ability.

I respect cops and all their hard work. Sometimes they have the most difficult job in the world. But not all of us work at department stores where the top priority is making sure the shelves are stocked neatly. We all have our reasons for driving over the ridiculous, ancient speed limits set during a time when roads were far more hazardous and cars handled like boats. It’s just us regular citizens who get penalized for doing it.

Enjoy doing exactly what you signed up for the police man job to prevent.

Why can’t police officers lead by example?
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