So I went with my wife to watch her Vampire movie last night – Eclipse – and it was mostly boring. There was one decent scene for guys where the vampires and werewolves teamed-up to fight these new-born vampires – but that was at the very end, lasted about one minute and didn’t make up for the rest of the movie. The rest was 150% chick flick.

Towards the end when what’s his name called what’s her name ‘whatever her name is’ with HIS last name at the end (since they were getting married), she said something like, “At least hyphenate my last name! It’s the new millennium!” (like everyone is doing it) or something stupid like that. That part of the scene was obviously an afterthought probably added for some lunatic feminist sponsor because you could tell it was just kinda stuck in there – it wasn’t smooth at all…

Okay, so what’s the deal? Women used to hyphenate their last names quite often in the distant past – but it’s been rare in recent decades.. Apparently, somebody has an agenda to bring this back. But why? How many women out there want to keep their last name? Why not just stop changing names altogether? Oh, then there’s the kids.. Okay – so when you have a child, the husband and wife can either agree on which last name to give it – or let the government pick one for you.

The name changing thing has worked for a long time. Why fix what’s not broken? I don’t really like the hyphenated last name but since all the married women are using it on Facebook (so friends can find them – what other way is there?) maybe it’ll come back to the mainstream. My wife even asked me about it when we got married 6 years ago.. It didn’t seem traditional to me and I asked her to simply take my last name. She did and I appreciate that. Honestly, I’d rather see women keep their original last name than hyphenate it with a new one.

Women’s Hyphenated Names
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One thought on “Women’s Hyphenated Names

  • April 26, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    I have an idea… How about:

    “First name, Middle name, Father’s last name, Mother’s last name”

    …and if the parents get a divorce and remarry – and the father has custody and gets remarried – it can be:

    “First name, Middle name, Father’s last name, Stepmother’s last name”

    …or maybe:

    “First name, Middle name, Father’s last name, Mother’s last name, Stepmother’s last name”.

    Or we can just F’ing leave it the way it is…


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