I had this weird and crazy vision that reminded me of Idiocracy (the movie). Picture this.. In 2024, kids will have trading cards by Fleer, Topps and Upper Deck – only they won’t be baseball and/or football players – they’ll be politicians – complete with a nice picture in the front and full political statistics (votes, vetoes, etcetera). Every day in the newspaper – in the politics section – there will be a scoreboard with stats. Democrats will get traded for Republicans.. Republicans will get traded for Independents. Independents will get traded to one of the Tea Parties and so on…

There will be rankings – some judged by intelligence; some judged by strength. There will be battle royale’s for the few physically fit politicians on steroids. There will be disabled lists. There will be live debates in large stadiums where people will all join in together to stand up and do “the wave”. Politics is going to become a sport. Because we’re dumb enough to make/allow it to happen. We’re so entertained by reality television and frivolous nonsense that I feel this scenario is inevitable.

Think about it.. Really think about it.. How unlikely is this to happen in the next 15-20 years? Remember. It’s all a big show. Everything has already been decided for us. The President is simply a front-man. A talking head. So get your peanuts and popcorn and get ready to join in with everybody else in 2024 at the local stadium.. I can hear it now… “PEEnuuuts.. HOT dooogs… Ice Cold BEEyeer…”

P.S. Rookie of the year, Draft Picks, MVP (Most Valuable Politician), All Stars. It’ll all be there…

2024 – Free Agents, Trades, Playing Cards – For Politicians
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