…it’s just a plain old slash… Why is it that everyone calls this symbol: / …a backslash? Since when is it a “back” slash? I really don’t know why, but ever since the internet came along, people started having trouble with slashes. It’s all the URL’s fault. www.cadillacforums.com/forums/

Oh, my God! Double you double you double you dot cadillac forums dot com back slash forums backslash. Yack! Haven’t you been writing out the date with “slashes” since like the first grade? My birthday is 09/13/71 (everybody remember me, my birthday is coming up). That’s nine slash thirteen slash seventy-one. Not nine backslash thirteen backslash seventy-one.

It’s just a slash. Wanna know what a backslash looks like?

Dude! It’s NOT a “Back” Slash!
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