What is it with little girls and baby dolls? Seriously. I’m asking… Why is it that a young girl would want a baby – and so much so as to actually GET a fake one? Is it possible that this has a huge influence on whether or not a woman has a child one day?

The reason I bring any of this up is because I see a lot of women out there with children who either don’t really want them – or just damn well should not HAVE any. But of course, just about every woman has been accustomed to having a baby since – well – practically since she was a baby. So it would feel so “wrong” to NOT have a baby. Right?

If there’s a God, is THIS how he/she intended it to be? Do you think God is proud of you for having a baby because you just figured you were supposed to? I think the Catholic church pushes people into having children as well. When my Wife and I got married – we started at the Catholic church (we’re both Catholic). They basically wanted us to promise that we’d procreate before marrying us. We said, “forget it” and got married elsewhere.

W.T.F.? W.T.F… I can’t fucking get married unless I have children? You low-life P.O.S. I shou… Okay, I won’t get off track here…

Anyway.. It seems like society forces us to have children – even when we don’t want them. This damn rock (Earth) is over-populated as it is.. Do we REALLY need to brainwash people into having children – even if and when they don’t want them? Why not allow this process to happen naturally? Will the world end? What the “F” is the deal? Can SOMEBODY tell me?

Little Girls and Baby Dolls
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