Kerry. Terry. Kim. Courtney. (Yes, F’ing Courtney!) – WTF is going on here? I don’t see women named Vinny.. Okay, Toni – but it’s spelled differently – and it’s not half as bad as a masculine man with a hairy chest named Courtney! What’s next? Suzy? Sarah? Amanda?

So what is the deal? I KNOW that some of you reading this can’t WAIT to have a boy and name him Jessica… So, please – tell me what’s going on here and why you’re naming your boys with a girl’s name.

Were you hoping for a girl? Are you angry at men and want your male child to get picked on at school? Are you praying that one day you’ll have millions of dollars after someone pays you for permission to write a book and make a movie about your Son, the serial killer?

Name the damned thing Anthony or Michael or Bill. Not Priscilla.. Please…

Why are more and more parents giving their boys girl’s names?!
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