WTF is with so many young guys in Manhattan with big, scruffy Osama Bin Laden beards? Is this the new thing? Everybody has to have a F’in big hairy beard with shit growing in it? Go ahead, check it out. Next time you go to Times Square you’ll see a bunch of dainty, skinny guys skipping around on their tippy toes with their arms down to their sides and hands sticking out palms facing up prancing around like fools. Maybe they’re all paying homage to Bin Laden or something. I don’t know.. Do you know?

I have nothing against beards. And I don’t have anything against people with beards. I’m just curious about why so many young guys in New York have them now. Personally, I like well-groomed people. I think most people do. I don’t appreciate dirty looking people. And that’s what these guys looked like – dirty people. Of course not everyone with a beard is dirty looking. But these guys looked like dirt.

edit: Finally, a logical explanation as to why everyone has a beard now:

Having sex with new women just got very easy for men

Beards in New York City
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