The food in Manhattan is penis. Nothing special at all. I expected better. I’m sure there’s a few great restaurants around – but I didn’t have time to try everywhere. I was downtown, midtown and uptown. The pizza here is much worse than my favorite spots in South Florida. They skim the top with the thinnest bit of cheese without having to call it something else. I had a cheese calzone in Little Italy that didn’t have any flavor at all – almost no ricotta cheese – along with the most watery sauce I’ve ever had (very little flavor as you could imagine). I had a bacon, egg and cheese bagel at a diner – again, no better than food I get in South Florida – and the bagel itself was a hard disaster. I probably should have stuck with the guys selling food in carts on the streets.

There was a restaurant in China Town that was pretty good. Hoy Wong. The Chinese food in San Francisco’s China Town is better, however.. Again, I know there are places I didn’t eat that are surely excellent – but I kinda had the feeling this would be like San Francisco where all the food was good. It’s not like that. And where I live in Palm Beach, there’s excellent food everywhere. So if you’re heading to Manhattan, don’t expect too much. When you hear people talk about good food in New York City, it’s probably Brooklyn they’re referring to…

The Food in Manhattan is Penis
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