Oh! My God! It’s so horrible! Someone in the Miss America (or whatever) pageant posed nude for a picture! Gosh! Now what are we going to do?! Ya know what?! Who the F! cares?! What is it that makes it so bad to be photographed naked? If you are, than you can forget about being in a beauty pageant. Imagine how “horrified” everyone would be if an important female politician was “outed” for having a naked photo floating around the internet somewhere.

Yeah.. Be very careful of what you wish for! Just about every young woman on this planet with a cell phone camera has taken a picture of herself naked. If you have a teenaged daughter, than SHE’S taken one too! She may not have sent it to anyone (yet) – but it exists. And at the rate private data is being viewed by unauthorized people these days, you can probably guess how possible it is that somebody else already HAS that picture.

Now it’s 30 years later and your daughter is running for Mayor. Well you can forget about THAT.. You made such a big deal about Miss F’ing America being naked that you pretty-much sealed the deal on your daughter’s political career. Congratuf’inlations… And even worse, if she DOES send that picture to somebody and gets caught – there’s a strong possibility she’ll have a criminal record.. For God’s sake……….. The insanity…

Stop Your F’ing Bitching About Naked Miss America!
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