What the hell is wrong with people in Florida. I can’t wait to get the F! out of here and back to a place with intelligent life. They can’t even make entrances for parking lots without F’ing it up. There’s a busy street with a new entrance for a shopping center that I visit frequently. The lip into the parking lot is an inch and a half to two inches high – and it’s not a gradual rise. It’s straight up to nearly two inches right from the start. So as you enter, you pretty-much ram into it like a little curb and slam over.

Since it’s a busy street I’m talking about – nobody wants to wait for you to creep over the curb at two miles per hour. So I have red neck chin bearded 20-somethings in rusty old pickup trucks beeping at me like I’m some kind of idiot. Meanwhile, it was the brainless fools that built the stupid “curb” that caused the problem in the first place.

Ya know what? Why don’t YOU drive your fifty thousand dollar BMW over a curb because the brainless F! behind you is impatient! Oh yeah! That’s right! You don’t give two shits about your $300.00 rust bucket hand-me-down that daddy gave you. Do you?!

Disclaimer: I have little doubt that there are people in Florida that make me look like I’ve got the education of a two year old. I know the majority of people in Florida are intelligent and have common sense. It’s just amazing to me how far and few between they seem to be. I can’t find any of them.

Is Florida For People Of Lesser Intelligence?!
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