A long time ago I used to ask myself the question, “Has the world gone mad?”. These days I don’t have to ask.

The new Gap logo – which isn’t the new Gap logo anymore because everyone went crazy – created such a public outcry that Gap decided to stay with their old logo instead. There were headlines like, “New Gap logo met with outrage, general indignation”, “Gap Rebrands Itself Into Oblivion” and “New Gap Logo is a Box of Fail”. I saw people commenting on blogs stating they’d never buy Gap merchandise again.

Before I saw that new logo, you have no idea what I was thinking. I thought it was truly “controversial”. I thought it offended some “protected group” of idiots in America. Or SOMETHING. But no.. Wow.. The infinite stupidity of the human race never ceases to amaze me. I don’t know why, honestly. But it doesn’t…

Next up is Brad Pitt. WTF is up with this guy? Did he have surgery to attach sunglasses to his F’ing face? Probably not.. More than likely he got badly botched up cosmetic surgery that makes him look like a space alien (see Mickey Rourke below). If these Hollywood billionaires can’t even get good surgery, why does ANYBODY consider it? How often does it actually look GOOD?! Hardly ever. I think every so often one of these doctors surprises himself and does a good job.

Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke

Next. What is it with all this news about Hollywood men cheating? Why do we care? Why is this even news?! Faithful actors and actresses are far and few between. How many times do we hear about a new couple getting together – UNTIL they do a movie with another Hollywood star – and then a new relationship begins – and on, and on, and on… Does it ever get boring to anyone? And do we really need to point it out and make it headline news every time it happens? It’s the same old shit over and over again. How many times do we need to watch the same movie over and over again?

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