Take one… Action!

Does your neck look like a wrinkled, sagging mess of loose flesh?! Yeah?! Well have WE got news for YOU!

Now with our special cream and neck flesh exerciser, you – YES you – can have the tight, sexy neck of a nineteen year old prostitute. You, YES you – can look like a teenager just like in the old days. Haven’t you seen our commercials? Did you notice the drastic before and after differences? First, you’ll see our old bag looking saggy and wrinkly – and THEN! Ta da! You have the new, tight, sexy old lady with a huge, neck flesh pulling smile, looking practically straight up into the air to pull all that SHIT tight! Congratulations! Oh, did we just tell you the secret to our system? Cut… Take two….

Oh and while we’re at it – while I do believe Proactiv probably works in some cases – more often than not, you’re simply washing your face five hundred times per day. If you’re washing your face five hundred times per day, you probably don’t need Proactiv anymore. I mean – most people have acne because they’ve got oily skin and don’t wash their face enough. I do realize there are some people that have bad acne even though they wash their face thoroughly throughout the day. This small minority of people will probably get good results from Proactiv. But most people think, “Wow! Proactiv really works!” – when all they needed to do was wash their face more. But we all love wasting money, don’t we?…

Old Ladies, Sagging Necks and Acne
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