Speed limits. I don’t like ’em. F! speed limits! But really – I don’t like ’em. Here in NoBrains (aka Palm Beach County), Florida – we have 40 mile per hour speed limits on some major four lane highways – and 5000 cops to enforce the law. That’s the speed “limit”. It’s as fast as you’re permitted, as a lowly citizen, to go. Meaning some people with 1 1/2 feet in the grave are okay to go 25 or 30. It’s dangerous down here. You have 90 year olds going 25 miles per hour and 600 pound useless police officers going 80 while multi-tasking eating a donut and browsing the web.

When were these stupid speed limits set anyway? 1940?! Is it not about time to change the way we think considering automobiles handle better these days? It’s easier to avoid an accident in 2010 than it was in 1980. So why no change? Money.

On the other hand, I do realize that the speed limits were originally set when there wasn’t nearly as much traffic on the road. And there’s the catch.

So as the most intelligent species on the planet, can we not think of a solution that works? Maybe we can actually have a “fast” lane that you can go – ya know – FAST in. Maybe the left lane has the highest speed limit – and as you move into each lane to the right, the speed limit is lower. This way the blind driving dead can go slow safely.

Can you think of a better way to go about this? I bet you can, you intelligent human you. So let’s hear it.

Speed Limits – I Don’t Like ’em
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