Boy oh boy.. Well, I weighed about 270 pounds at my heaviest – which wasn’t all fat – but I didn’t look good. So a couple of years ago I decided to lead a more healthy life. If you’re really curious about the details, it’s all in my blog history… So anyway.. At my most recent best, I went down to 161 pounds at about 12% of body fat. That was REALLY cool. Especially considering I didn’t look like a stick figure after losing quite a bit of muscle.

After a summer full of partying several times per week – eating less strictly, drinking a LOT of alcohol – and ultimately STOPPING all training for a full 30 days while I built a home gym – I was up to about 184 pounds at 17.5% body fat. Not good. So over the course of the summer, I gained 23 pounds of fat by not being careful. Yes, I’m a “fat guy” to say the least. It’s in my genes. So it’s going to be a constant battle to keep the weight off. A challenge I am most certainly up to.

So with three weeks left before going on a week-long cruise – where I was destined to put on more weight – I ramped up my training and reduced my calories – once again eating healthy. By the day of the cruise, I was down to 173 pounds at 16% body fat. I continued to train on the cruise and didn’t go off my diet TOO bad – and gained back 4 pounds at 177.

A few days back from my cruise, I’m back down to 175 and I’m losing about a half pound per day. When I was in my 20s, I could lose a full pound each day. I guess I’m getting old..

So I’ve got two and a half weeks before my next week-long cruise (I saved my cruises for the end of the year (I think)) – and I plan on being 165 pounds by the day I leave. If I AM down to 165 – and anywhere near 12-13% body fat, I’ll have no trouble training hard and sticking to my diet on the cruise.

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and two cruises, this isn’t going to be easy – but I’m going to do it. By Christmas Day, I will be back down to my 161 pounds at 12% body fat or so.

The Wii (yes, the Wii) tells me my ideal body weight is 140 pounds. I’m starting to believe it. Though my next goal will mainly be to get down to 10% body fat without sacrificing any more muscle.

None of this is easy – but it’s fun being an old guy in good shape. Staying in shape is a lot easier when you’re young. It’s nice to see kids in good shape, but I have a lot more respect for older people who manage to stay healthy. Between work, kids, the responsibilities of having a family, a home, full-time work that you cannot just leave because more than just yourself depends on the income – blah, blah, blah – it’s a miracle that any of us can stay in shape and be healthy.

Anyway.. If you’re planning on dieting, you’re not alone… Just get to it – before it’s too late…

Fat – Keeping It Off
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