Be very careful with whom you choose to keep close quarters. Choose your friends wisely. Surrounding yourself with people who are successful in their careers, in their relationships, in their lives and in love – will bring you “up” and help you to achieve success in these areas as well. Through a type of magnetism, these people will help motivate you to experience your own success. People unsuccessful in these aspects of life will bring you “down” and further away from your goals. When you dance with the Devil, the Devil doesn’t change – the Devil changes you.

Lock a hardened criminal in a room with a successful business man for a month. The hardened criminal will not come out softer and more willing to take on a professional career. The successful business man will come out hardened, and more likely to take on a life of crime.

Life is difficult enough. Choose your friends wisely.

Choose Your Friends Wisely… VERY Wisely…
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