It’s titled, “Autograph!” – and states:

“Hello! My name Egor <last name removed>, I have been a fan of yours for years, I admire your fantastic achievement, and I have to you a request – could send me your autograph. With the best regards.” with a mailing address so you can conveniently send your “autograph” (signature) to him.

First of all, who the F’ing HELL wants YOUR stupid autograph?! NOBODY. NOBODY. Nobody. So that right THERE should have you clicking the DELETE button involuntarily. But, no – you will get all red in the face and be so flattered that some guy in Russia has been a fan of yours “for years” and wants your autograph. So, you get out your favorite F’ing pen, throw down a piece of paper and start signing your life away so this identity thief can add your signature to his bin of idiotic morons who actually sent it – bringing you to the top of the list of people he’ll be working on obtaining a social security number for.

Hell, it was easy enough to get your signature (autograph) and home address (it’s the return address on the F’ing envelope – RIGHT?!) – so how difficult would it be to obtain your social security number? Believe me – easy enough…

Yuz yawr farging branez yew moreronz!

Your sexy friend,


IMPORTANT! New, stupid email that everybody is going to fall for…
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