Since either nobody has the time nor the intelligence to quite catch what’s going on here, let me explain it to you. If government agencies (FBI, police, etcetera) have access to literally “watch” what you’re doing online – AS you’re doing it – then what stops them from doing the same with your television, radio, phone, etcetera? What if you’re watching movies that somebody feels makes you a candidate for <insert crime here>? What if that somebody is simply a police officer (who will have the power to watch you without any approval needed) who doesn’t like you? Maybe he/she is jealous of your spouse and wants you out of the picture. Maybe that terrorist bombing that happens 5 miles from your home will be linked to you after you watched a documentary on <insert whatever somebody thinks is extreme here>. Some of you people are so stupid and lazy that you’ll just ignore everything but the F’ing spoon fed nonsense you get on a daily basis. If for nothing else, wake up for your future slave children.

You’re Stupid. Here’s Why…
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