I’m a little crazy. But aren’t we all? I’m here staring at a box of awesome veggie straws – but I won’t open the box to eat them. Let me begin with a very short story.

Years ago my girlfriend at the time bought me this amazing black Z.Cavaricci sweatshirt. I loved it so much that I only wore it once. I wouldn’t wear it (even though I really wanted to) because if I did, it would have to be washed – and then it would fade – eventually becoming a raggedy piece of shit. I couldn’t have that. Before long the home we were living in burned down – and my great sweatshirt was gone forever. What a waste…

So right now I’m looking at these great tasting, fairly healthy (not SO bad for you) snacks – and I won’t eat them. I won’t even open the box to expose all the individual packages inside. I cannot eat them. If I do, then one day they’ll be gone – and no longer available to me. I think I like the fact that they’re “there” more than anything. So there they will stay for the time being.

This sickness is also similar to the way I feel about turn signals in my car. I won’t let my signals blink unnecessarily. If I do, with my luck, I’ll “waste the bulbs” and then when I really need them – for example when a cop is behind me and is pissed off at me because I’m driving the same car the guy his wife is cheating on him with drives – and pulls me over for turning without signaling – well – that would have never happened had I not wasted my bulbs.

I’m at peace with my insanity. F.U. 🙂

I’m a little crazy
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