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Over the course of nearly two years I went from being obese at 270lbs at 29.3% body fat and 37.1% lean body mass to 161lbs at 12.5% body fat and about 26% lean body mass with lots of vascularity and a good six pack. People would ask me if I was a body builder. That was pretty cool. It’s been about a year and a half since then – and between working to regain some of my lost muscle mass (a lot) and partying (drinking) due to the fact that I love being out nowadays – I’ve put back on 30 pounds – 20 of which are fat. Not so good.

I’ve tried many diets over the years and I’m always learning. I’ve learned that a low carb diet like Atkins won’t work forever unless you stick with it. You can cheat from time to time but you can’t completely go off for a few months and then think it’ll be as effective as the first time. Your body learns what you’re doing. The Atkins diet works so great the first time because you’re shocking your body and it doesn’t know what to do. It’s really great. And I may give it another shot one day. It’s been long enough that I think it can work for me again.

You can’t eat healthy, sit down all day but work out like a maniac and expect that to keep working either. Eventually homeostasis comes into play and it gets more and more difficult to stay in shape. Not impossible – but very difficult. So you can’t relax too much for too long if you’re destined to be overweight. I love eating. I’m constantly thinking about food. But my real downfall is sitting all day to make a living. That is a F’ing killer. Even if I work out twice each day and eat healthy – it’s still a constant battle to stay in shape.

So now I’m trying a diet that I’ve never done before. I’m throwing something different into the mix. THIS diet should allow me to drop a bunch of fat without losing a lot of muscle. And so far – its working. I’ve lost 10.6 pounds in 6 days dropping 2% of my total body fat. This diet DOES work – but it’s VERY strict. And I’ll NEVER recommend it to anyone. It’s a very, very low calorie diet. No fat. I can’t even use LOTION with oil in it. I get to eat a 200 grams of fatless meat, two pieces of fruit, two servings of vegetables and two pieces of Melba toast – PER DAY. The diet is absolute misery. But it works…

This lasts for 21-42 days. I should drop 10 pounds per week. And before you say it – I already know all about the pitfalls of losing weight too quickly. However, there’s a lot of “science” to this diet – and I’ll be fine doing it this way. Anyway, I hate this diet. I really hope I can drop 20 pounds of fat by the 21st day. I really can’t continue on like this – but I F’ing will. Being in shape feels too good.

As soon as I’m done with this diet, I’m having a massive feed day. I’ll gain back 5 pounds on that day – but I’ll lose it throughout the week that follows once I get back to training again. Oh yeah – I forgot to mention. There’s VERY little working out on this diet. There’s just not enough calories. I’m lifting lightly four times per week and walking for an hour in the evening. My body is appreciating the break. But once this diet is over I’ll get back into serious weight training and cardio – which should allow me to keep the weight off. There’s supposed to be a three week phase where I still don’t eat any sugar or bread – but I’m confident that with my training I’ll be okay. I just have to take it easy on the partying – which brought me to where I am today – on this hellish diet.

So why haven’t I mentioned the NAME of this diet? Because it sucks. You don’t want to do it. And I don’t want you to do it…

The ongoing challenge of staying in shape (for a fat guy)
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One thought on “The ongoing challenge of staying in shape (for a fat guy)

  • November 10, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Time for an update. It’s been 9 full days on the diet so far. I started at 188.8 pounds at 20.3% fat and 30.3% lean body mass. This morning I’m down to 175.4 at 18.2% body fat and 28.1% lean body mass. That’s down 13.4 pounds in 9 days – which is great – but I’m not so happy with the way I’m losing it. I’ve lost 2.1% body fat and 2.2% lean body mass. So again, I’m losing more muscle than fat.

    This COULD be because I haven’t been training much. I’ll be hitting the gym today and tomorrow for my first decent training sessions since I started this diet. Hopefully that helps.

    In any event, I’m feeling good. I’m lighter – and I feel it. I’m rarely hungry anymore. After about 6 days on the diet, my appetite really did go down. I’ve been busy the past few days – and have had to remind myself to eat. I’m eating a little under 500 calories per day. So I need to get that back together and eat everything I’m supposed to…

    Onward and upward… Or downward…


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