I’m going to make this real quick. If you get a notification of a computer system software update of any kind – like for example Flash or iTunes – check those companies websites to ensure that they themselves mention those updates being available. Reason being – and to make a long story short – ANYTHING can be placed onto your hard drive through updates that look legitimate but are not.

Do you matter? No? And when I say “matter” – do you have leadership skills or an audience for your opinion? If so, your opinion is probably unpopular with at least SOME people in power. And it’s REAL easy to shut you up when the need arises. It’s easy enough to place something illegal on your computer. And being that we’re ALWAYS at war with some country or another – no warrant or explanation is needed to seize your computer (or you) in the interests of “national security”. Once that happens – you’re screwed. Whatever illegal nonsense they put on your computer will be bad enough that nobody will even care if you “could” be innocent or not.

Good luck.

Security Warning to Everyone That Matters
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