Barack Obama is going to be President for another four years. “But he’s a socialist and he’s going to turn this nation inside out!”, you exclaim! That, my friend, is IRRELEVANT! “How can we let this happen?”, you ask. It’s quite simple, really. The powers that be, whomever they are (very wealthy people) have already arranged for a winner. Let me explain by pointing out the OBVIOUS loser.

What’s the easiest way to turn off three quarters of the nation with the blink of an eye? Alienate 75% of the population:

1. Have one of the men against abortion. Well that’s easy enough. What woman in her right mind is going to vote for a man who doesn’t want her to have control of her own body? Oh, but this is a “Christian Nation” and all the Christian women will vote for Romney because Christian women generally don’t believe in abortion. Right?

WRONG! My God are you people naive. You really think Christian women are okay with “the man” telling them what they can and cannot do with their own body? Yes, I understand it’s partially the man’s baby and he should have some say – but the woman is carrying it. Done deal.

“Obama (birds chirping)… Sigh… He understands women… And he’s so cute too!”

Remember: Obama and Romney disagree on MANY different topics. If the Romney camp really wanted to win, they’d simply agree with Obama’s views on abortion. Is there a RULE that Republicans and Democrats absolutely MUST disagree on EVERYTHING? Of course not. This is obvious Presidential nominee forfeiture number one…

2. Have the same man be against gay marriage. Look, guys. Women have been kissing one another and holding hands since they’re two years old. But this is a “Christian Nation” and Christian women are against gay marriage! Really…? Do you REALLY believe Christian women who’ve been kissing, hugging and holding their girlfriends hands since nearly day one are against two people loving one another if they’re the same sex. MY GOD are some people ridiculously stupid… If the Romney camp really wanted to win, they’d simply agree with Obama’s views on same sex marriage.

This is obvious Presidential nominee forfeiture number two…

“Obama (birds chirping)… Sigh… He understands love… And he’s so cute too!”

So there’s 50% of the nation voting against a man who is TRULY (and obviously purposely) “unelectable”. Let’s take another 25%, shall we?

3. Half the men in America are either gay, bisexual or have either had thoughts about being gay or experimented in one way or another. To note – just like gay men are so proud of being gay they’re about to explode – I am heterosexual and I am just as proud of it. That being said, half the men in America are voting against “the unelectable guy” because they, too, understand same sex marriage…

As far as 99% of the American population is concerned – the rest of the political landscape is IRRELEVANT. If Obama doesn’t win this election by a landslide, than the final results are rigged to make it a close race. It’s pure Hollywood entertainment. I swear, political election results are going to appear in the sports section of your favorite newspaper within thirty years.

Most of 42,000,000 African Americans in America are voting for Obama. There are 3,000,000 Muslims in America. They’re all voting for Barrack Hussein Obama REGARDLESS of anything mentioned above. Hell, if Father Guido Sarducci was running for President in America, every Italian would be voting for him. All he’d need to do is promise reduced prices on calzones and cannolis. Done deal.

So you have about 45,000,000 votes for Obama without even considering logical points 1, 2 and 3 – and THEN you have 75% of the nation pissed off at Mr. Unelectable. This has had to be the easiest rigged election in the history of the United States of America.

Who will our NEXT President be (after Barack Obama)? Hillary Clinton. Watch her transformation as she undergoes massive liposuction and plastic surgery over the next four years. She’s going to look like a super model and win the next election easily.

P.S. Consider this. Would there be much of ANY reason to vote for Barack Obama if Mitt Romney had the same stance on abortion and same sex marriage? And considering how much of a flip flopper Mitt Romney has been?………… WHY NOT JUST TAKE THE WIN? Hmmm…… Inquiring minds would like to know…

Barack Obama Has Already Won The Presidential Election

One thought on “Barack Obama Has Already Won The Presidential Election

  • October 8, 2014 at 10:35 am

    And finally, people are beginning to realize that Hillary Clinton WILL indeed be our next President – as I predicted back in October of 2012. It only makes sense. How many movies and television shows have a “Hillary Clinton” as President of the United States? It’s kind of easy to predict who’s next if you ask me. The American people make it real easy…

    At Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, made a bold statement about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chances in the 2016 Presidential election. “Hillary is going to run,” he told retired Fortune writer Carol Loomis onstage. “Hillary is going to win.” The audience erupted in applause at the statement.


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