Having now had the opportunity to closely examine few different smart phones, I can honestly say that the iPhone is severely behind the times. The operating system is, by far, the most polished – but the screen is way too small and features/settings are quite lacking.

I’m not going on a long ramble with a comparison. If you want that, there are plenty of articles to read and videos to watch across the web. What I AM going to do is point out a few obvious things that some people may not know about.

The iPhone screen is pathetic. Sure, it’s clear and looks very nice – but there’s nothing to it. It’s too F’ing small. If you like TINY screens, than the iPhone is perfect for you as long as you don’t mind missing some cool features found in many Android phones. If you like medium sized or big screens, you’re shit out of luck – the iPhone is not for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a huge screen. It’s very impressive. Everything looks great on it. To me, this one feature makes it worth having over the iPhone. However, the operating system is crap. Very, very (very) unpolished. It’s F’ing quirky. Think Mac OS X vs Windows XP. Yes, it’s THAT bad. Think Lexus in 1990 vs Cadillac in 1990. Yup, that bad also. But the amount of adjustability is far superior to that of the iPhone. So I can deal with it. Build quality is also a bit on the cheap side. The camera is freaking amazing, though.

The LG Nexus 4 with Google’s native Android operating system feels much more solid in your hand. The operating system is also far less quirky. The screen isn’t quite as big as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the camera isn’t as good either. But it’s a solid feeling phone that works well. And it doesn’t have all the F’ING CRAP bloatware that Samsung throws on their shit. It gets in the way. It’s annoying. And useless.

Both these Android phones allow that new swipe-typing (whatever it’s called) and it works great. Far better than typing on a screen with no keys to feel. Apple needs to get something like this. They also need to get working on that larger iPhone and CANNOT make it just a little bigger than the current iPhone. A small iPad is too large for me. I want something that fits in my pocket that actually has a reasonable amount of screen real estate.

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