What is the definition of a “luxury car” these days? It used to be things like leather seats, power locks and windows, heated/cooled seats, navigation, power… But nowadays, “regular” cars have all these things. So what makes a luxury car a “luxury car” in 2013?

In my opinion, it’s a combination of the highest quality of these things. If you compare the leather in a Lexus to the leather in a Toyota, there’s a noticeable difference. So leather quality is one thing.

Power is another thing that, in my opinion, a luxury car should have compared to a non-luxury or “near” luxury car. A true luxury car should have passing power that other cars don’t have. A Cadillac XTS should have no problem passing a Chevy Impala – while being heavier due to sound deadening material and extra features.

That brings me to another luxury feature I feel is important in true “luxury” cars. A luxury car should be quiet inside. I bought my wife a new Chrysler 300C in 2007. It was big and powerful and had some cool luxury features – but the leather was hard, road/tire and wind noise was ‘pretty bad’ and everything was “hard and cold” inside…

And that brings me to another feature I feel true “luxury cars” should have. Superior interior materials. In my opinion, a luxury car should have soft surfaces everywhere. Wherever you may lean your arm, elbow or anything else – it should be soft and comfortable. More so than what you might find in a Honda Accord or Chevy Malibu.

What’s your opinion? What do you feel makes a true “luxury car” in 2013?

What is a luxury car in 2013?
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