So I was driving home this afternoon going maybe 41 on a road with a 40mph speed limit and passed a 50-something female police officer in a sheriff’s vehicle. My speed may have fluctuated a bit between 40 and 42 but no faster than that. The police car was behind somebody going between 30 and 35mph. As I slowly crept passed, I heard some odd police-like beeping sounds and figured the officer was beeping at the car in front of her. It turns out she made her way around that vehicle and drove on the side of me about 10 feet back and started saying something over her PA system. I don’t remember exactly what she said, but it had to do with me not being aware of the speed limit. At that point I was stopped at a light and rolled down my front passenger side window. She moved up a bit and said something like, “What’s the matter? You don’t know the speed limit?”. I sort of felt like I was in the Twilight Zone and asked, “40 miles per hour”? She replied with something like, “It’s 35 on this street” (I’m sure I was giving a very confused look) “You’re not paying attention” and rolled away.

The speed limit was increased from 35-40 a year or so ago. I wonder if she really believes the speed limit is still 35 or if she was just in the mood to harass me.

There’s something awry with at least ONE Sheriff in Royal Palm Beach…
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