Perfect post title! I bet this will be the most popular blog posting at Blog of Nothing in 2014 – finally something that can (and hopefully will) dethrown my sarcastic “Hot Naked Nine Year Old Girls” post from 2010 – which is by far the busiest page here thanks to people searching for hot naked nine year old girls at search engines.

Anyway… So some two year old girl ate weed (marijuana, pot, etcetera) in cookie form that she found near her home. The mother says it wasn’t hers! Of course it wasn’t. That’s for sure as heck as the immaculate conception. She found it outside. I guess her two year old daughter roams around the neighborhood alone. Fox News posted this up on their Facebook page and ALL the Americans missing a brain had to chime in with, “See?! We can’t make weed legal! We just can’t! Look what happens!”.


Ya know what?! I don’t smoke or ingest weed. I don’t care for it. Alcohol is my thing. So I really don’t care whether or not weed is legalized. But I see no reason for it to be illegal while alcohol and tobacco are just fine! But as usual – stupid Americans (I swear, I think we need six day school weeks) are jumping out of their skin to give away another freedom/liberty.

How many times has a child drank their parents alcohol? Should alcohol be banned? Americans are obsessed with giving their freedoms away. It’s a F’ing shame that so many have died to protect the freedoms we’re all so quick to give away for F’ing nothing.

Legal Weed
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