First, at about 1:10 into the video, one officer hits him with his baton for no reason – and the other officer follows behind doing the same. At that point, Kelly started running (of course!).

Once they got him on the ground, he started panicking because they were hurting him. Next at about 2:20, it appears the same officer who made the first baton strike wound-up and kneed Kelly in the ribs twice – at which point Kelly started complaining that he could not breathe (he died as a result of “mechanical compression of thorax” – which I believe could have occured as a result of these two blows). Now he’s really panicking because he can’t breathe. There’s a difference between resisting arrest and fighting for your life.

Next they start tasing him like crazy and shortly after, at about 4:50, start “smashing his face to hell” (as he claimed at about 10:30) with his stun gun.

Even after the guy can bearly muster up enough energy to SPEAK at about 7:40 into the ordeal, they’re still playing games as one officer says, “He’s falling to sleep” (7:46) and not even HALF a second later another officer says, “He’s still fighting” (7:47) – just a little “Hollywood” for the police recorder…

This was a criminal act. It was a horrific way for any living thing to die… At least three of the officers involved should be in prison. Continuously beating and bludgeoning a man to death while he’s crying for his DADDY… Humanity is F’ING RIDICULOUS.

Humanity Is Ridiculous! I Am Angry!
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